How DAVE Mustaine Recruited His Oncologist to Co-Write Lyrics for MEGADETH’s New Album

Having overcame throat cancer in late 2019, Mega leader Dave Mustaine recruit Anthony Shellackthe radiation oncology professor who treated her, to co-write a song for the band’s new album, “The sick, the dying…and the dead!” according to Nashville TennesseeAnd the as your angel co-write “Chernobyl dogs”a loose six-minute track about the animals left behind after the 1986 nuclear meltdown. mustine Requested as your angel On a Saturday morning if he would share some ray experience for a song. He sent lyrics the following Monday and the band cut the track two days later.

“I think he wanted descriptive terms about how body functions change after exposure to massive doses of radiation,” as your angel He said. “He also wanted someone’s taste to be left behind… I headed towards it and it came really fast.”

mustineCancer was found after he visited a specialist for post-root canal pain. He began chemotherapy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, adopting a treatment that would eliminate the tumor without causing so much damage to his throat that he would no longer be able to sing.

β€œI was horrified by him just because this guy appeared on stage in front of tens of thousands of people,” as your angel Tell Nashville Tennessee. To see him change from fear [not] about his career, but his life – to see him go through it day in and day out – seemed to take it in great strides.”

mustine They were declared cancer-free after 51 radiotherapy and nine chemotherapy sessions. He returned to the stage in early 2020 on a European tour where Mega The law had support for Five finger death punch.

Dave Tell Kerang! A magazine about the lyrical inspiration of “Chernobyl dogs”: ““Chernobyl dogs” It is a metaphor for giving up. The words describe the meltdown in the reactor and the poisoning that followed, but to me it was really just another twisted love song. It’s spring time. Everything stopped in the world. He can’t be found, but he still sees her face everywhere he turns. He advances from the first choir where he sees her face to a double choir where he is in Chernobyl and feels the effects of the radiation. Does it seem like an oddly appropriate time to refer to Chernobyl this year, with all the horrific happenings in Ukraine? No, I am not trying to take advantage of any kind of people in an unfortunate situation. I think that would be very similar to an eagle. This is not only me: I do not prey on other people’s misfortunes. ”

three years ago, mustine Tell rolling rock magazine that the astonishing outpouring of his fans and peers after his cancer diagnosis “was a huge surprise”. He explained, “A lot of people I know came but I didn’t know they were interested. Most notably I got a text message from my older brother, James HetfieldI was very happy to hear his news. Contrary to what anyone says and unlike anything we do, I love mosques and I know that mosques He loves me and takes care of me. You can see it when the moment of truth comes and I tell the world that I have a life-threatening disease. Who will come to stand by me? mosques.

I received a text message from Ozzyand one of Paul Stanley, “a statement.” It was great to get one of them Ozzy [Osbourne]; I didn’t expect that from Paul Stanley. This was cool because in the beginning, when Kiss I came out for the first time, I was just a kid and I loved them.

“I’m really grateful to everyone. Even people who have a hard time with my demeanor and my big mouth, I’m so grateful to them for showing interest in me. They say, at the end of the day, we all have each other here in this crazy metal community.”

according to mustineTalk to him too iron maid Singer Bruce Dickinson, who was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at the back of his tongue eight years ago. “[Bruce] He said that when he fell ill, after he was treated, he was told he needed three to six months of rest, ” Dave He said. β€œHe told me he hadn’t listened and was having a little trouble, then realized he needed to listen. So he did and his voice came back stronger than ever. Bruce; Another brother has been really supportive of me through this whole thing. He explained to me how he did it, and it really helped me. I’m just looking forward to seeing if there is any circumstance where this happens to someone else of my colleagues, I can give back and help them. It’s a difficult disease, but they have doctors everywhere figuring out this bullshit.”

“The sick, the dying…and the dead!” Arrived Sept 2 via UMe.

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