Jason Mantzoukas on how Rex Spud’s voice became a dream come true

Jason Mantzoukas He is a big fan of Robert KirkmanComic book hit Invinciblewhich means that working on the voice cast for Prime Video’s animated series is a fan’s dream. During an exclusive interview with Collider’s Maggie Lovett for Star Trek: Miraclein which Mantzoukas plays Jankom Pog, the star talked about being a fan of him Invincible Long before it was marketed as a TV show and what we can expect from the upcoming second season.

Written by Kirkman with art from Corey Walker And the Ryan UtleyAnd the Invincible Follows the adventures of Mark Grayson as he comes to terms with his newly awakened superpowers. As the son of the most powerful defender on Earth, Omni-Man, Mark is expected to be unbeatable, but his journey to becoming a hero is full of blood, guts, and tears. Raw, gritty, and ultraviolet, the comic book series quickly caught the attention of readers. However, Kirkman offers more than just the violence in the pages Invincibleas the series tells arguably the best “Superman villain” story ever.

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mobile adaptation of Invincible It premiered last year on Prime Video and quickly became one of the biggest hits in the history of the streaming platform. So, of course, we’re excited to see how you do that InvincibleA creative team will be handling the next comic book arcs, especially since Prime Video has already done so He renewed the series through the third season. Unfortunately, there is no news about the second season of Invincible It was rare, and all we know is that the voice cast was Recording episodes since last April. So, when we sat down with Mantzoukas, we tried to get some plot details out of it. Sadly, Mantzoukas told us he “can’t tease anything but it’s going to be incredible, stop.”

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While we still don’t know any stories for the second season of Invincible Mantzoukas told us that working on the series was a dream come true. In the show, Mantzoukas voices Rex Splood, a young hero with a short fuse. In the series, Rex Splode becomes even more responsible when Earth’s Mightiest Heroes die gruesome deaths, forcing a younger generation to step forward. As a longtime fan of Kirkman’s work, Mantzoukas couldn’t be happier to be working on it Invincible. As he tells us:

I am a lifelong comics fan. And so I’m someone who read Invincible from the early days of it starting until it ended, whatever it was, 15 years later. This is a book I have absorbed over the course of 15 years. And this story is very familiar to me, and I love it. And when Robert asked me to do [TV] series, re-read the full [comic book] Series again and I liked it even more. [There was] So much so that I forgot, so many spin-offs and plot lines I’d forgotten. And what I love about it [TV] The series is what they choose to include, where they choose to have us go on this huge journey that exists that I understand where we might be going. But I’m delighted with the stories that Robert is interested in telling within the world of Invincible. I think this would be a really iconic show.”

This is what the dream is, doing something you love. And in the case of Mantzoukas, something similar happened Star Trek: Miracle. As Mantzoukas tells us, “As a Star Trek fan, it’s great to be in a Star Trek Show.” However, his love for Invincible The comic book is just on another level. As the star says, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely bananas and sexy [to work with Star Trek]. But the idea of ​​me playing Rex Splode, this is nuts. Again, I’ve spent over a decade reading about this character. To be that voice is cool.”

Who is part of Prime Video’s Invincible?

Invincible Vocal talent features Stephen Yeun As an honorary hero and JK Simmons Like Omni Man. The star-studded audio crew Invincible Also important Sandra OhAnd the Seth RogenAnd the Mark HamillAnd the Mahershala Ali.

Unfortunately, there is still no release window for Season 2 of the series Invincible. Season 1 is currently available on Prime Video. For more InvincibleWatch our exclusive interview with Robert Kirkman below.

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