Jessica Chastain reveals the drastic change she almost made to get roles

Temporary “sometimes” is the word Jessica Afif She drops when asked if she considers herself a movie star.

She admits that she has recently been tongue-tied and shy in a room full of high wattage celebrities. She’s been shopping with her lately grandmother and a girlfriend in a store, where strangers enthusiastically referred to her; Someone whispered, “I loved Help! ”

make me think, Oh, I love it when people know me!She says. “But then I think, am I? Is this my country life?

So let’s settle the question of the stars now: the answer is at allyes she is a star. After all, it was Chastain who broke out in 2011 with six blockbuster movies, including Help. I’ve been fascinated ever since Interstellar, The Martian, Chapter Two, Molly’s Game, Zero Dark Thirty, A More Violent Year And last year’s award-winning limited series Scenes from marriage with Oscar Isaac.

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