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Kanye West He introduced a new anthem to fight his haters on Monday morning (October 10), and put it into a disjointed half-hour video diary, where the controversial rapper cut no corners when it came to speaking his mind and naming names. “You fake b-h/You don’t really like Ye/Go, listen to Drake, b-h,” the MC who now passes by Ye raps to a muffled rhythm as he hovers as he rides. “You have no idea what it takes, b-h,” he continued, encouraging fans to listen to Lil Baby or Future if they don’t like what he has to say.

“Trenna judging me as if I ain’t -r/I’m too much of a real person for a fake b-h”, yi rap on the song where he describes feeling like a runaway; The path seems incomplete, as he finds West mumbling some incomprehensible phrases and gets suggestions from an off-camera voice about which direction he should go.

The low-budget 30-minute video — titled “Last Week” — begins with a compelling character completing a series of video game-like missions on the streets of Shibuya, Japan while donning Yi’s recently-worn outfit of massive moon boots. Jean jacket, black sweatshirt and black face covering. After hitting the rooftop of a building, the figure appears to win by colliding with a white dove descending from the air as the words “Mission Completed” fill the screen before making way for an emblem with “War” interspersed with the silhouette of Ye and a pair of doves.

The video dropped after a week in which the West drew widespread condemnation for wearing it.”Egg lives matter“The shirt during the Paris Fashion Week show. It continues to rage after days with appearance In a Fox News commentator show Tucker Carlson – where he doubled his shirt – before moving on to using Anti-Semitic language Posts in which his feeds have been restricted on social media have been met with widespread condemnation.

In a Saturday night tweet (October 8), West wrote that he would go “Death 3 on the Jewish people.”

He wrote, “I’m feeling a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going to Death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” “The funny thing is that I actually can’t be anti-Semitic because blacks are actually Jews too, you’ve played with me and tried to get rid of anyone who goes against your agenda.”

While the video shy away from addressing any of the latest controversies, after tempting Drake, it splits into what appears to be a meeting with a fashion industry icon, in which they discuss the pros and cons of different fabrics before Ye appears to make an offer to buy the man’s company. The film, shot as if through a round, fish-eye-like lens, then meanders to footage from West watching a video of nutrient-rich plants and then to a bizarre clip in which he appears to be sharing a porn video with a pair of Adidas CEOs for Clarify the point of loyalty. The men, their faces blurred, sit quietly on benches in a white space resembling a fashion studio, where a representative of Kanye scolds them for allegedly taking the rapper’s designs and disrespecting him.

“If I am the king of culture, I have to make progress even if Jay is nailed with money,” West said at one point while sitting tensely. “Even if Jay is not a Christian…because you are talking to the king of culture,” he adds, before saying ominously, “This is a different level of nuclear activity from which no one will recover,” before warning that the extreme level of “global warming” he will experience Executives would be devastating.

Last week, adidas revealed that it is review her relationship with the West after recent allegations from the rapper which included calling Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted for “blatant copy” Sharing a photo of the brand’s $55 Adilette 22 sandal, which is similar in color scheme and overall feel to Ye’s $70 Yeezy slides, Also produced by Adidas.

“F – ADIDAS I AM ADIDAS ADIDAS RAPED AND SOLE MY DESIGNS”, I commented on a screenshot CNBCTweet conveying the news he shared on Instagram; It’s not clear if Adidas decided to reconsider working with West before or after the meeting documented in the film, which was uploaded without any comment or explanatory text.

Continuing to belittle the Adidas team in the clip, West says he won’t talk about money “with a broker people than me,” or discuss ideas with people “who have less ideas than me,” before suddenly leaving the meeting to look at something on his phone. With no clear narration through the line, the doc jumps out of footage of Yi receiving a massage to film him singing Donda 2’s “First Time in Long Time” in the car.

The movie also offers a sneak peek into West’s vision of his secrecy Donda Academy Christian Schools, where the rapper tours a potential new school space where he asks if building owners can help “Dondafying” the space, which means no artificial lighting, no air conditioning and ramps instead of stairs. The final clip finds West on the sidelines at his daughter North West’s basketball game, fumbling through his phone trying to take a picture and then chatting with ex Kim Kardashian on the sidelines in an extended time at the end with a muted voice.

Watch “Last Week” video below.

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