King Charles III and Prince William made an unannounced visit

On Saturday, King Charles III made an unannounced visit to greet some of the thousands queuing to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II, whose coffin lies in Westminster Hall.

Charles and his son Prince William shook hands and thanked mourners on the mile-long line near Lambeth Bridge on Saturday.

Charles has made several impromptu tours since becoming king on September 8, in an effort to meet as many of his subjects as possible.

The new king is also scheduled to spend a large part of Saturday meeting dignitaries who have come to London for his mother’s funeral scheduled for Monday.

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In the morning he had a meeting at Buckingham Palace with the country’s military leaders and in the early afternoon he was giving a reception for the rulers-general of the kingdom – the king’s representatives in the former colonies of the United Kingdom from Antigua and Barbuda to Tuvalu.

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