Launched on Pharrell Williams’s Goda platform, the NFTs are the latest digital display of the abstract artist’s work.

More than a century after I completed it Head chef—193 abstract paintings known collectively as Temple paintings (1906-15) – Hilma F Klint emerged this year as a powerful multimedia player. Her work – graphic, colorful and deeply personal – has demonstrated Van Gogh’s like power to generate blockbuster and has led to projects across multiple formats, from books and films to experiences in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

Now, as of November 14, the digital versions of all 193 of her photos Temple paintingsCreated by Acute Art, they will be offered as NFTs in a single release, for sale on Goda (Digital Asset Gallery), the platform launched earlier this year by multi-award winning philanthropist and recording artist Pharrell Williams. The second edition of the NFTs will remain with Bokförlaget Stolpe, publishers of the Af Klint Index. The originals belong to the non-profit Hilma af Klint Foundation in Sweden.

Hilma F Klint was an incredible pioneer! It took us a century to fully understand it. Now that we’ve done that, we need to rewrite the history of art and celebrate a truly amazing woman

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams says, “Hilma F Klint was a wonderful pioneer! It took us a century to fully understand this. Now that we’ve done that, we need to rewrite the history of art! Beautiful, purposeful art truly transcends time, and Hilma F Klint’s work is a prime example. We are honored to feature her work on this platform and to truly celebrate outstanding women.” For KAWS, who serves as a technical advisor on the Goda platform, Af Klint was a visionary. KAWS says, “I find it great that she is finally getting the attention she deserves. During her lifetime, the audience wasn’t ready but we are today. She painted for the future. She painted for us!”

Hilma af Clint temple (2022), a virtual reality design by Stolpe Publishing and Acute Art Courtesy of Stolpe Publishing and Acute Art

The surge in demand for Hilma’s experiences brings back memories of a 2018 survey of her paintings at New York’s Guggenheim Museum that broke attendance records for the institution, 100,000 copies of the catalog were shipped worldwide, and artist merchandise sold out in the gallery.

Af Klint, the Swedish mystical mother of early modern abstraction, whose groundbreaking work has remained unrecognized in her life, has appeared in a series of issues this past month: a new autobiography; The seventh and final volume of its index. virtual reality experience, Hilma af Klint: The Temple; and CV, HilmaWhich opened in UK cinemas in October.

The Big Ten, No. 1, Childhood, 1907. One of 193 paintings by Hilma F Klint s . templeeries which will be presented in digital form as an NFT on Goda © Stiftelsen Hilma af Klints Verk

Af Klint—who dabbled in spirituality and machine painting in a group of Stockholm women artists called the Five—followed Rudolf Steiner, philosopher of the spiritual sciences, and mystic Madame Blavatsky in the modern, well-funded Theosophical movement. It showed the Theosophist’s interest in the geometric and spiral shapes in the schematic mass temple The portraits she worked on after the High Master asked her at a 1906 hearing to give up her academic approach to art.

Hilma F Klint dreamed of a spiral building big enough to show… the overwhelming beauty Temple paintings. Acute Art has created digital copies of 193 works to be acquired as NFTs. As a result, the temple will become owned by people all over the world

Daniel Birnbaum, Artistic Director, Acute Art

New NFT releases and temple The VR piece was created by London-based Extended Reality (XR) studio Acute Art, as with the AR app, Hilma of Clint Walk. Both VR and AR pieces were shown last month in the best art galleries: Frieze London and Paris + par Art Basel. The virtual reality work is a “dream project” by Daniel Birnbaum, Artistic Director of Sharp Arts, who coordinated Hilma af Klint: Drawing the Unseen At the Serpentine Galleries in London in 2016 when he was director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Hilma af Klint dreamed of a spiral-shaped building large enough to display her most important, overwhelmingly beautiful work. Temple paintings, says Birnbaum. Acute Art has created digital copies of 193 works that are acquired as NFTs. As a result, the temple will be owned by people from all over the world.” The NFT project opens a digital marketplace for her work for the first time.

Hilma of Clint WalkProduced by studio Acute Art as an AR app, it allows users to view 18 augmented reality versions of Af Klint’s work Courtesy of Stolpe Publishing and Acute Art

Hilma in virtual reality

Delightfully framing and rhythmic, with an ambient soundtrack by Andrew Sheriff, the VR work takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey through the spirals and gratings of Af Klint, up and down the Guggenheim-esque slopes where the artist embodied paintings by Rodrigo Marquez, Creative Technician at Acute Art. brilliantly colorful and moving; And across an island filled with sunflowers, on the basis of a real island between Copenhagen and Malmö, where the artist once hoped to build a temple.

Hima af Klint Index Reason

In December, a virtual reality experience will be presented on giant, high-resolution, wraparound screens at the recently opened Outernet Art Venue in central London. Show temple Other festival-standard virtual reality works from contemporary artists such as Simon Denny and Marco Brambilla, which are offered free of charge to generate traffic from audiences, are succeeding.

Birnbaum is also the co-editor, with Kurt Almagvist, of the Af Klint Index, published by Stolpe. He says he and the team at Stolpe count the VR piece as the “eighth volume” of their massive catalog of 1,500 works. The NFT Project is a further extension of the Stolpe catalog, with the publisher retaining the second NFT version of temple Plates.

Tora Hallström, daughter of Swedish director Lacey Hallström, will play young Hilma in the new bio

© Viplay Group

new movie HilmaDirected by Lasse Hallström, it is a lyrically framed family affair, with older Hilma playing his wife Lena Olin while younger Hilma played by his daughter Tora Hallström. In this book, the Af Klint family’s interest in mathematics, botany and nature in general is emphasized, as is the Stockholm Brotherhood – dedicated to spirituality, art, and women’s rights – in which Af Klint flourished.

With so much new Hilma content, where does one start? Birnbaum says the helix-shaped shell-like Guggenheim Museum proved itself in 2018 to be the perfect for Af Klint graphics. (The museum’s founding curator, Hella von Ribey, who worked closely with Frank Lloyd Wright on its design, was another Theosophist.) But he argues that virtual reality, with its ability to display multiple works in ever-evolving digital temples, is the medium that has long awaited Af Klint’s work. .

Hilma af Klint: The Temple, Outernet, 138 Charing Cross Road, London, every Sunday, 11 December – 5 February 2023

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