Launching CNN New Morning Show with a Focus on Conversation and Chemistry – Deadline

CNNnew morning show CNN this morning It launched on Tuesday with three news-filled hours that nonetheless played a key role in competing shows: Conversation and Chemistry.

“I probably got two hours of sleep,” without lemon،, who was previously part of the Night Network’s lineup, said in the editorial, along with his co-hosts Poppy Harlow And the Kaitlan Collinswhere they all made fun of the new gigs in the network.

On a comfortable set of blond wood and behind an acrylic desk, with their ordered coffee cups at the ready, the three hosts chatted for a bit about Halloween but seemed conscious to strike the right balance between small talk and seriousness, as they led a report on Iranian plans to ship ballistic missiles to Russia as it fought its war in Ukraine. .

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Revitalizing the morning hours on CNN is a distinct goal of Chairman and CEO, CNN Worldwide Chris Licht, who earlier in his career helped launch MSNBC morning atmosphere And then the CBS morning show that differentiates shows from mainstays today And the good morning america With a greater focus on press talks and co-hosts interviews with guests. Licht also hired Ryan Kadro, who succeeded him as executive producer on CBS, To serve in the role of the highest content That included a remake of CNN Morning.

challenge for CNN this morning To entice viewers motivated by habits amid fierce competition: Fox and Friends He wins in the time slot, while morning atmosphere He has long been an influence among power players in New York and DC.

There are items from MSNBC and CBS shows. CNN this morning Other CNN figures such as Odi Corniche and contributors such as LZ Granderson have appeared, suggesting that a crew of regular employees is being created, an element that has worked so well in morning atmosphere. The display name itself is also familiar: This morning It was the title of the CBS show before it was rebranded to CBS Morning last year.

CNN executives want This morning To distinguish itself with a broader focus off the coast, with a range of stories beyond recent partisan upheaval. The background of the group was a fusion of horizons across the country, and there were many landmarks of the world in the background. Instead of a panel of experts, much focus has been on reporting from CNN reporters. It also debuted a number of international stories, including reports from Clarissa Ward in Ukraine and Hadas Gold in Jerusalem, but with the midterms a week away, politics is still front and center. There were interviews with Democrats Jon Fetterman and Elisa Slotkin, as well as with Republicans Brian Kemp and, briefly, Ron Johnson.

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Much attention has been paid to the new era at CNN, as it tries to break away from the Jeff Zucker Donald Trump years, when she became a frequent target of the former president and his supporters. Later Tuesday, the network announced that Jake Tapper will hold a mayoral hearing with former Vice President Mike Pence, who is now standing up to Trump but has not fully refuted him.

However, there were multiple sectors during CNN this morning on me Attack on Paul PelosiAnd husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the confusing Spread of conspiracy theories about the accident. At 3 o’clock, Daniel Dale appeared accompanied by a fact-check of some of those amplified by the likes of Elon Musk and Donald Trump Jr., as their allegations were debunked by the latest FBI dossier.

Dressed casually in a cream green suit and crew neck shirt, Lemon still makes some pointed notes, particularly about the extremes on the right, as he did on his nightly show.

Clips related to Pelosi’s attack led to one of the watershed moments of the debut, during an interview with GOP guest, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu.

Sununu also referred to cases of violent threats from the left, challenged by Lemon.

“You could say both sides,” Lemon said, “but really, Republicans don’t talk publicly, for the most part, in an intense way.” “For the most part, silence. Very silent Republicans about what’s going on with violence. Don Jr. tweets horrific things. Why don’t more people stand in front of the cameras and say, ‘That’s awful. This shouldn’t happen. That’s what Republicans should do.'” Don’t I want my party to be determined by BS?” Why doesn’t that happen? “

“I think you’re absolutely right,” replied Sunono, before once again pointing out that the risk of political violence fell on “both sides.”

Squeeze the lemon again.

“When it’s on the Democratic side and it happens, people say it’s wrong and it shouldn’t happen and they deplore it,” he said. Democratic leaders come out and do it right away. Republicans don’t. Do they fear without a son? Are they afraid of Donald Trump? Are they afraid to go out and that they will lose their votes. I’m just being honest. this is the truth. Go back and look at the evidence. So it’s not the same thing.”

“I totally get it,” Sunono replied, before he said, “All in all,” everyone should “turn down the temperature.”

Later, in a conversation with a surprise guest Bryant Gumblethe longtime former host of NBC’s today, The lemon seemed to indicate that, even in the softer hours of the morning, it would not be silent. “I don’t like things on both sides,” he told Gumbel.

The veteran of the morning show provided some perspective. When Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was killed in a 1996 plane crash, few Republicans spoke out to offer condolences.

“I went on the air and asked someone if this was business as usual or just bad manners,” Gumble said. “I got reprimanded by NBC. The network apologized, and I didn’t.”

The real sport Then the host added, “As I watched this morning, the more things changed the more they stayed the same.”

He even had some words of reassurance – or perhaps concern – for the new hosts. in today Show days, he manages to live on only three hours of sleep.

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