Luka Doncic makes Jordan Bird history with rare hat-trick from 40 points in Mavericks win over Nets

It seems that at this point in Luka Doncic’s career, it’s no surprise that he has scored a hat-trick. He flirts with that base streak every night, and he’s already tenth all-time in the NBA’s career triple-doubles list with 47 at just 23 years old. But in Thursday night’s 129-125 overtime win against Brooklyn NetworksDoncic entered a rare air, becoming a mere Tenth player in league history to score at least three triples from 40 points. Doncic is now associated with Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Pete Maravich and Elgin Baylor for doing so exactly three times during their careers.

As we’ve seen in the past with Doncic, the Mavericks He needed all 41 points he dropped to score a tough road win against a Brooklyn team that put Keri Irving 39 points and Kevin Durant added another 37. What made Doncic’s performance even more impressive was how efficient he was in the process, going 14 of 28 from the field.

But while his recording gets the most attention, his death was the real highlight of the night. We’ve seen Doncic live up to Luca. Charm“The title is in the past, and Thursday was no different as he delivered 14 assists, including four in overtime to feed open bowlers like Tim Hardaway Jr. and Reggie Bullock to keep the game out of hand. The night came in the third quarter when Doncic pulled This crazy-free-look dime hits the maxi clipper, who swayed a bit before finishing it off on the edge.

Kleber has been on the receiving end of many similar passes in the past from Doncic, and despite knowing he can fit a pass through the smallest of windows – or make a window appear when it doesn’t appear to be there – Kleber was still surprised by the young star.

“It was a really silly pass, I don’t know how he saw it, but for some reason, playing with Luca longer now was kind of like ‘He might see this pass,'” Kleber said after the match. I’m ready, then the pass came. I don’t know how he saw it, but it was a great pass.”

When Kleber was asked if Doncic practices these passes on a regular basis, he was quick to confirm that these are regular passes for the Slovenian star.

“It’s like what he does in practice,” Kleber said. “Sometimes you might think he’s playing a little, but he’s actually working on these things and he has a really good sense of where the players are and where the help is coming from. Sometimes for him it’s the easiest way to get the ball to the guy, rather than, like, spin and waste Again, he’ll throw it over his head because he knows you’ll be there.”

When Doncic was asked what was on his mind in this case, he said it was hard to explain.

“I don’t know, frankly I don’t know,” Doncic said. “It’s hard to explain. I don’t really know the answer to that, but I would say I try to do some things on the field and it looks good.”

As far as practicing these types of permits, he confirmed what Kleber had said.

“Sometimes I practically try to do some stupid things, probably, that’s what I’m going to say, but sometimes they succeed in matches,” Doncic said.

It’s no surprise to hear that Doncic is like a crazy scientist in practicing fiddling with these passes on a regular basis, it’s insanely impressive that he manages to get them out in game situations. His teammates clearly know to expect anything when they share the floor, and that leads to some highlight reel passes in the process.

Fortunately for the Mavericks, Doncic’s memorable night resulted in a win. Dallas may only be 2-2, but their loss was by four points and so true to the silver lining that Doncic appears to have missed out on a win to start the season. After much of the chatter surrounding his conditioning at the start of the last two seasons, Doncic is playing at the level of the best player.

He leads the league with 36.3 points per game after winning in Brooklyn, and an average of 9.5 rebounds and 9.3 assists is on the verge of scoring a hat-trick of the season. weakness? His 3-point efficiency is pretty shaky at 26.3 percent, but Dallas has the highest offensive rating in the league. If Doncic continues to produce performances like those against the Nets, and his teammates continue to play at a high level as well, the Mavericks could be a dangerous side as the season goes on.

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