Max Homma secures the title at the Fortinet Championships in California, earning his fifth victory on the PGA Tour

Napa, California – Max Homa He knows he has no choice but to go to hole number 5 if he wants to defend his Fortinet title. appendix Danny Willett With a shot, he went for the green in two halves but ended up in a tricky spot in a short bunker of the green. It exploded but it wasn’t on the surface.

Homma remained aggressive, and this time it paid off, ramming his slide from 33 feet into the hole for a closed bird. However, all Willett had to do was turn his bird a short distance away – and he didn’t deliver.

Willett hit a very powerful punch with a 3 feet 7 inches tall. She sat on her lip and ran a distance of 4 feet 8 inches. Then he missed the comeback, a shocking breakdown that saw Homa victorious again at Napa.

“It was crazy. I still don’t really know what happened,” said Homma, a California college star who now has three Golden State wins. “Just the kind of weekend you had to hang out on.”

Homa protected the can when his fragment hit the flag mark and it fell. Moments later, he was a five-time winner of the PGA Tour.

Said Willett, who hasn’t scored a win in the United States since he took advantage Jordan SpiethA breakdown to win the 2016 Masters title.

Willett put 65 yards off the 18th green, then smashed his close enough that closing the tournament was routine.

“It’s a shame how it ended,” he said, “but I’m sure these were the only short kicks we’ve missed all week. It’s such a shame that I did when I did.” “One of those things. Sometimes you wish you could turn back time. Learn from it and move on.”

Homma struggled with his racket over the weekend but didn’t need it in the end.

“Today I shot it so well, keeping it around the hole where it should be, I couldn’t get the ball to go home,” he said. “At 18 I decided to go home quickly, so that was a great bonus.”

HUMA finished with a 4-under 66 for a 16-under 272 total and is now heading to Charlotte, North Carolina, as the Presidents Cup captain’s pick with three wins in the past 12 months. Willett Shot 69. Taylor Montgomery He was lonely third at 13 after closing 64.

Homma’s wife, Lacey, has no idea what he just did, but hastened to give her husband a hug. She is pregnant with their first child, a boy, on November 2.

“I am shocked now,” she said. “I didn’t see what was happening.”

Leaders were pushed to tee times for nearly four hours trying to get the tour in before the North Course at Silverado Resort and Spa became completely unplayable. The greens that were hard and fast earlier in the week from the sun and wind are suddenly just the opposite, slow and soft from all the water.

Justin Lowe He made a one-stroke lead on the final day as he was chasing his first title after years of struggling only to secure his tour ticket. The 33-year-old American guy ended up in fourth place with Byung Hun Aan At 12 years old after shooting 1-over 73.

Willett punched three holes in the front nine to take a three-stroke lead, only to miss a short throw on the fifth-grade ninth while the lower jumper was backing away during the stroke.

Homma and Willett started the day shooting Lorre. The three players made a grade 4 to 10 bird.

On the fourth of the fourteenth month, Willett made a miracle bird. His tee fell behind a tree, then he whipped the ball around to the back side of the fringe before sinking 5 feet.

On the front nine, Willett smeared #1, 4 and 8—making him 7-foot for a Bird on an eighth Par-4 while Lower made a bogey.

The 34-year-old Willett, of Sheffield, England, remained at large, laughing with his can and smiling between holes in far-from-perfect conditions in California’s famous wine country: wind and heavy rain the first three holes, a short respite, then more rain. He regularly took off his blinds, wiped his shoes before putting on and taking off his black sleeveless jacket.

Weather made for an intimate exhibition of parasols who are ready to withstand the elements.

“That’s what I came to California for,” Willett smiled at the start of his last tour.

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