Medical Public Affairs Now Medical Marketing and Communications at Washington University – Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

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It will focus on supporting strategic school-wide initiatives in changing the medical landscape

Matt Miller

WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications is the new name for the Office of Public Medical Affairs at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The office is also being restructured, with a greater focus on supporting strategic initiatives at the school level.

The Office of Public Medical Affairs at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is being restructured and renamed WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications. The new structure will place a sharper focus on supporting strategic school-wide initiatives through compelling and inspiring stories and marketing initiatives that characterize the School of Medicine and highlight how the school’s teaching, clinical care, and research missions help improve our communities and the world.

The change comes at a pivotal moment for WashU and WashU Medicine, according to David H. As the campus continues to respond to the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, WashU faculty has made even more significant breakthroughs in the areas of research and clinical care.

“We are a mobile campus,” Perlmutter said. “We have created more scholarships for our students, updated our curriculum, and are working to expand and diversify our faculty, staff and leadership. We are also in the midst of an unprecedented medical campus building campaign that will enhance research programs and enhance patient care. The College of Medicine is leading a university-wide campaign to commercialize WashU’s research and aggressively seek new and unconventional funding sources to fuel and accelerate the work of our faculty. We have constantly evolving stories to share.”

The marketing and communications changes at WashU Medicine come at a time when not everything is going smoothly across the country. “Like every medical school, we face social, cultural, economic, and political headwinds regionally, nationally and globally: the worldwide pandemic; a mental health crisis; a rapidly aging population; a challenging political culture plagued by racism, misogyny, and ressentment; and an uncertain economic environment,” Perlmutter said.

“However, there are other external forces affecting our missions, including a lack of manpower in critical clinical, research, and management support positions; disruptive competition from private equity firms and large corporations with extensive balance sheets; pressure to reimburse and direct patients by taxpayers and generational changes in patient expectations.As one of the top five medical schools, we compete with the great medical schools on the East and West Coast for research grants, faculty, students, residents, and fellows.We are also internally driven by the need to stay ahead of the curve by adapting and improving before too long. From our success model becoming outdated in a rapidly changing world. Maintaining our momentum in the face of these great challenges will require consistent strategic communications and clear and strong messages to our external audiences that are aligned with the goals of our school and university.”

Going forward, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will work closely with the school’s leadership and departments to build marketing campaigns that elevate the school’s brand; Develop strong internal communications that support departmental efforts and reach out to employees; And generate more strategic external contacts that emphasize the college’s expertise and what distinguishes WashU Medicine from our peer institutions.

To achieve this, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will forge strong partnerships with the University of Marketing and Communications; university progress; and university leaders in innovation and marketing, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Furthermore, WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications will fully engage and benefit from the tremendous potential of its partnership with BJC HealthCare (BJC).

Marketing and Communications at WashU Medicine will have two main areas of focus. The branding and marketing arm will lead the brand awareness efforts, as well as strategic marketing campaigns that support the priorities of the school and its leaders, and provide enhanced strategy on web and digital content, as well as design support. You will also develop compelling stories about college and WashU medicine that support the mission of medical advancement and ensure that these stories align with and support university-wide missions and goals.

The second area of ​​focus is medical communications. This group will be responsible for all aspects of news and media relations—accessing audience exciting stories about the influential work the medical school community is doing in research, patient care, and education—and in collaboration with the group’s brand and marketing, it will raise stories of innovation and clinical excellence in partnership with BJC. In addition, the communications team will collaborate with academic, clinical, and administrative leaders to support strategic internal communications, provide support for Medical School public affairs campaigns and develop employee-oriented internal communications.

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