Rival China adds urgency to the US return to the moon

WASHINGTON – Not only is rocket fuel the driving force behind America’s first missile launch after a half-century of lull. Strategic rivalry with China’s ambitious space program is helping advance NASA’s efforts to return to space in a larger way, as the two nations push to return people to the moon and establish the first … Read more

Direct observation of high nonlinear plasma waves

The highly nonlinear plasma wave (in green) driven by a powerful laser pulse reaches the breaking point of the wave, where a portion of the plasma electrons (in red) are captured by the Wake field and accelerated. Credit: Igor Andreas, Yang Wan and Victor Malka. Over the past few decades, physicists and engineers have attempted … Read more

SRSU Assistant Professor Part of the research appeared on the cover of “Science” magazine

Sol Ross State University is pictured Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022 in Abilene, Texas. (Odessa American/Elie Hartman) Donkeys generally strike us as stubborn and not particularly fast animals. However, a new study published in the September 9 issue of Science now reveals that donkeys spread like wildfire out of Africa about 4,500 years ago, reaching Europe … Read more

Supporting wildlife through conservation and management

September 4th marks National Wildlife Day. Land-grant universities across the country work to support wildlife through conservation and management. Learn more about some of these NIFA-supported projects below. Understanding Chronic Wasting Disease in Elk Wyoming’s wildlife populations are constantly facing new and changing threats that require them to adapt. Chronic cervical wasting disease (CWD) is … Read more

7 Foods High in Luteolin That Will Fight Inflammation

cChronic inflammation is a The root cause of countless diseases. While a number of things can trigger inflammation in the body – think stress, pollution, lack of sleep, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, etc. – the good news is that there is an abundance of Nutrients that can help control inflammation. One such nutrient to … Read more

Colonel Walter F. Chase, obituary

Colonel Walter F. Chase, 81, a physician, passed away peacefully among loved ones on September 8, 2022. Walter was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and friend. Walter was born in Manhattan, New York, the only child of Walter F. Chase and Helen Bardong Chase. Walter earned his undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University in South … Read more

Larry Kudlow: “Biden inflation” is the root cause of these wage increases

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow comments on the Biden administration’s preference for unions over “Kudlow.” Just hours before the deadline, the much-feared rail strike was settled. Now, that’s a good thing because it would have wreaked more havoc on an already deteriorating economy. The lack of supply could have been the motive inflation So it’s … Read more