Paul Gilbert celebrates Ronnie James Dio on ‘The Dio Album’

On April 7, 2023, Paul Gilbert He will release an album celebrating one of heavy metal’s greatest icons when it comes out duet album via Music Theories Recordings/mascot label set. To get a taste, check out Gilberttake on mesmeric “Holy Epiphany” below.

It was sheer chance that led Paul Gilbert To record the music heard in the latest version duet album. American guitarist, best known for his witty, chart-topping hard rock riffs the master. Big and a high-octane flagship Racer X – as well as several solo recordings – he was in his car when he saw something that made his heart beat faster in a moment of unexpected, undistorted joy. This wasn’t a high-value item of interest or even particularly rare, it was just a baseball cap with “”duetemblazoned on the front. Sometimes, even for the biggest guitar legends, it’s the little things that strike us in the deepest ways.

On his way home, a plan is devised. Why not capture all that raw energy and excitement in an album dedicated to him Ronnie James DioThe most iconic tracks – that spanned his career from Rainbow to Black Sabbath And the solo endeavors of the singer? Gilbert No stranger to instrumental music, but the entire album devoted to repeating well-established, world-famous vocal melodies over his reliable six-chord riffs truly felt like new territory. This was indeed a challenge that he would really enjoy.

It would be fair to say that human voices aren’t much more magical than that Ronnie James Dio‘s. He was a man who brought a sense of classical finesse to loud, heavy music, ultimately setting the blueprint for generations and generations of rock singers to come. Taking on the daunting challenge of emulating those distinctive vocal lines right down to a tee—each legendary performance emblazoned with its own idiosyncrasies and nuances—actually involved shedding some of the technical subtlety that turned Gilbert to a household name primarily for guitarists.

duet album Consists of 10 distinct, job-defined paths, from “Neon Nights” And “Long live rock and roll” to “Holy Epiphany” And “Man on Silver Mountain”. So is the analysis Ronnie James Diosexy vocal melodies, pee I also enjoyed honoring three incredibly talented guitar legends – Tony Iommi from Black SabbathAnd Richie Blackmore from Rainbow And Vivian Campbell from DIO The band that was a member of the British stadium rock band Def Leppard Since 1992.

“Play all these metal tracks like ‘Stand up and scream’And “Neon Nights” And ‘regicide’ It gave me serious chills,” he smiles pee. Parts of a guitar RichieAnd Tony And Vivian It did bring a few goosebumps. “These amazing tracks are the steel beams of the songs, on which everything else rests,” he smiles pee. “It’s been so long since I’ve been in the depths of metal rhythm guitar playing, it felt like I was digging for gold nuggets with a magic platinum shovel. All while wearing a star-covered wizard’s hat! The guitar solos and screams in these songs came from the mountaintops.” distant. RichieAnd TonyAnd Vivian Set the bar astoundingly high.”

designed by Zack Blumstein With pee Handle all devices, except Bel Rayinspirational drum work, duet album It is without a doubt the most accurate vocal appreciation of the songs ever made Ronnie James Dio Rock and roll legend. In order to truly hone the essence of the late singer, Paul Gilbert He dissected line by line several tunes, throwing every inch of himself into the music. It was the only way to capture every ounce of energy and passion.

Just as he sang: “The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams… It’s heaven and hell!” ” Thank you, RonnieAnd Long Live Rock and Roll”.

duet album Playlist:

01. Neon Knights
02. regicide
03. Stand up and scream
04. country girl
05. Man on Silver Mountain
06. Holy epiphany
07. Heaven and Hell
08. Long live rock and roll
09. evil lady
10. Don’t talk to strangers
11. starstroke
12. The last in line

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