Prince Harry’s book sells millions. Why is it not very popular?

Extraordinary new polls show that the popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has fallen in America as well as the United Kingdom since The Prince’s publication. additionalYet his book continues to break sales records, and he has energized his online base and garnered many more Flat-out rave reviews (He recently earned praise from The Daily Beast’s founding editor and royal director eminence griseAnd Tina Brown).

The non-trivial state of affairs – that An increasingly unpopular person can write what turns out to be The most popular book in the world Right now – leaving many scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the latest data out of America – a survey of 2,000 American voters was conducted. for Newsweek Six days after the book was published.

Within a month, the poll, conducted by Redfield and Wilton, showed that Prince Harry had lost 45 points in public opinion of the United States while Meghan had slipped 36. They were even losing support among young people, who were the most reliably loyal constituency, Complete data 31% of 18-24s viewed Harry positively and 38% viewed him negatively.

Incredibly, Megan now Less popular than Camilla in America.

They were asked how their opinion of Harry and Meghan has changed since the book and company Netflix documentary, 16 percent said they had a more positive view, but 24 percent had a more negative opinion. Ouch!

What complicates the narrative, however, is Ipsos MORI survey for telegraph which found that post-publication ratings of Prince William and Kate Middleton also fell 8 and 7 percentage points in the UK, while Harry and Meghan fell 7 and 5 points, respectively. However, this isn’t quite a “fuck your houses” case because William, who came off a post-Roya funeral high, still enjoys an enviable 61 percent approval rating (compared to Harry’s dismal 23 percent), with 70 Percent think he would be a good king.

Results from the US suggest that the couple are following the same path in the US as they are in the UK, according to a YouGov survey Posted last week It found that Prince’s net preference rating is now at an all-time low of -44 (down from -38 just a week ago, pre-book release), making him even more unpopular than Meghan, at a low of -42.

Separated Ipsos MORI survey of American voters as quoted telegraph It found, less dramatically than Newsweek, that Harry dropped 11 points in the US after the book was published — with the added relief that William was down 13. However, this poll was conducted on January 11th, so it doesn’t rule out the fact that Harry’s support was It’s already possible that by January 16th he’d fall back to levels recorded by Newsweek, especially given his ubiquitous media appearances between the 11th and 16th.

Newsweek’s royal correspondent, Jack Royston, who ordered the poll, said he suspected the divergence between the January 11 polls and the January 16 data had come down, absurdly, to a discussion of Harry’s penis.

It was January 11th, only a day after the book came out, and it took a while for the video of him having Elizabeth Arden put on his frostbitten penis while he thought about his mom spreading. I think the clip is an important part of the story. This, turning him into a character of mockery.Harry and Meghan put a great deal of work into curating an Obama-style brand by Archewell being the home of sympathy.But the mainstream discussion on the internet became about Harry’s crown jewels and he ended up mocking Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon on TV Network. This is, basically, a PR disaster.”

Many may disagree with that. The penis discussion was certainly intense – but it would hardly have made Harry unpopular!

The sales figures for Harry’s book are truly amazing. It has broken many records but one stands out above all – it is the fastest-selling non-fiction book in history, According to the Guinness Book of Records, “moved 1.43 million copies during its first day on sale in the UK, US and Canada.” It easily broke the previous record, Barack Obama’s fourth book, Promised Land (2020), which sold 887,000 copies on the day of its release.

And on social media, while there certainly are plenty of haters, there also seems to be renewed support for the couple, as memes and interviews arguably ignite their fan base.

What’s going on? Why break up? And how should we understand how the book ultimately affected the image of Harry and Meghan?

Royal admirers, and those who are bewildered by the elegance and glamor of the monarchy, are even more enchanted by the fresh and intimate venom of the royal family. Spare is a click bait on crack.

Eric Shaffer

Eric Shafferhead to Reputation management consultantsThere is no doubt that the appetite for his book was voracious.

“Royal war sells,” Schaeffer told The Daily Beast. “Royal fans, and those who are bewildered by the elegance and glamor of the monarchy, are even more enchanted by the fresh, intimate venom of the royal family. additional is clickbait when you crack.”

But he says that doesn’t automatically translate into popularity for Harry. He loses the independents. there is a great strain of feelings; His coordinated shells seem like a circus.”

Schaffer added that Harry had muddied the positive associations of his own brand attacks his family: “His verbal kicking of royals is at odds with the carefully rich positive image he was previously attached to. When a well-known brand known for positive vibes starts launching negative attacks, the split can lead to a loss of trust, emotional connection, and imbalance in the minds and hearts of followers.” .

Harry was viewed favorably by the United States in part because he stayed above the fray and focused on social issues, highlighting mental health and equality for example. But his rancor over insults, and his having fired all but machine guns at the royal family, made it easy to see him as yet another whiny figure from reality TV “.

The other question is: Are the declining popularity numbers across the Royal Council temporary, and are they likely to recover – or is the damage done to the royal family by revelations in additional be long lasting, As my colleague Clive Irving argued so eloquently in a recent article.

Nora Lawlor, President and Founder, New York Corporation Lawlor Media GroupCapturing the past rather than selling a bright future is also a factor, she told The Daily Beast, who runs a communications strategy for crisis and reputation management.

“What’s interesting from a strategy standpoint is that we all know now ins and outs “About his fights with his family, the media and all the details of Meghan’s bridesmaid’s wedding dresses and his frost-brushed private parts – but there was absolutely no substantive indication of his future plans,” Lawlor said. This book has done nothing to garner media interest or attention in terms of a new platform to champion whatever causes they believe to pursue.

The book actually breaks Harry’s connection to the royal family – something that Americans are fascinated by and Brits so cherished.

Nora Lawlor

additional He draws a line under the past from his personal point of view but does not open the door to the next chapter in his life for the reader.”

Yes, but could the world’s bestselling author suffer from a sharp drop in survey numbers?

Lawlor argues that the book itself destroys the platform on which Harry stands: “The connection between interest in Harry Tell All and the decline in poll numbers is clear; the book actually severing Harry’s relationship with the royal family—the very thing Americans are fascinated with and Brits appreciate.”

Lawlor’s conclusion: “Neglecting your #1 calling card is a risky strategy.”

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