Promoter Gives Milwaukee Mile New Life With NASCAR Trucks in 2023

Greg Bevel won the 1999 Diehard NASCAR Truck Race at the 2000 Milwaukee Mile, one of 15 series races on the track from 1995-2009.

I was wrong.

there are you happy

I know I am.

Over thirty summers of watching stop and start and failures rather than successes have made me convinced that the Milwaukee Mile is over with top-tier racing events.

Like, thanks for your century of service to the sport, but we don’t need you anymore. …you are a little broken and need high maintenance. …sure, you’re famous within your clique, but pretty much people don’t like you, and it’s not enough to spend money on you, anyway. Not when there are so many other options. Not at a time when progress means more than history, when moving forward means leaving the familiar behind.

Then came Bob Sargent.

Sargent was a true believer in the mile – in its present and future, not just its past – who was willing to put the full resources of his racing promotion work into place.

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