Quinn gets his first win as a Sharks trainer, defeats Rangers at Garden Returns

New York — Eric Carlson Scoring in overtime, David Quinn beat his first coach as the San Jose Sharks, 3-2 over his former team, the New York Rangers, at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

The Sharks (1-5-0) started the season with five straight organizational losses, including two at the 2022 NHL Global Series in Prague.

Quinn coached the Rangers for three seasons from 2018 to 21. He was assigned to coach the Sharks on July 26.

“I can’t go to CVS and buy a confidence pill,” Quinn said. “You get it by playing the right way, doing the right thing and watching your teammates do the right thing. At some point you have to say enough is enough, and I think that’s what they did after the second half. They were just tired of losing, and I think they understood what it was going to take for them. us to win.”

Carlson scored 49 seconds in overtime from the bottom of the right-hand circle from a pass from Timo Meyerwho was behind the line. Carlson kept the disc moving forward even though he stumbled and fell. He got up and found Meyer wide open.

Carlson: “I’m in a situation where I think they’re going to ask for a penalty, and when I realize they’re not, that’s either what happened or they’re going to get 2-on-0 some other way,” he said. “I found my balance well and felt like I was in control of the puck even though it might not look like it. Timo did a great job staying patient and finding me for an easy target.”

Video: SJS @ NYR: Carlson goes head-to-head with the overtime winner

Logan Couture And the thick radium He also scored for the Sharks, who were 5 for 5 on the penalty kick to improve to 20 for 20 this season. James Reimer Made 21 exports.

Artemi Banarin And the Philip Shettle Scoring for Rangers (3-1-1). Igor Shesterkin He made 24 saves, including 16 in as many shots in the third inning.

Rangers had two shots in the third inning, neither for 13:50.

“I was very happy the first two periods, to be honest with you,” said Rangers coach Gerard Gallant. “We didn’t execute as well as we usually do in strong play and got a little frustrated, but we still controlled the play really well. I think they got nine shots after two. So we were in good shape, we played okay, but that third period, I have no idea.” Where did that come from. It was just a complete breakdown. It was embarrassing, actually.”

Video: SJS @NYR: Panarin beats Fox’s dish in strings

The Sharks killed two Rangers Power games before Couture scored in strong play for San Jose at 6:02 of the first period to lead 1-0.

The Rangers’ power struggles continued later in the first period. They were 0 against 4.

“Giving this team four strong games in the first period while still holding out and going 1-0 was an incredible achievement,” Quinn said.

But Chytil got New York with a 1-1 draw at 1:50 of a second by stealing the disc from him Luke Konin in the neutral zone and hit Reimer five holes with a low wrist shot from the left-hand circle.

Panarin gave New York a 2-1 lead at 9:05. He made contact with give and take Adam Fox With a short high side for one timer from low in the left circle.

CIMC scored 4:05, then tied 2-2 at 13:10. He came down from the point across the right circle, got a pass from Matt netthit a backhand forward and shot through Fox and past Chesterkin.

Sharks dominated the game in the third period.

“Just very sloppy during the transition, breaking pucks, the passes weren’t as clear as they should be, but it does happen,” said Rangers Defenseman. Jacob Troup He said. “You’re not going to be around every night, but you have to know how to play your game and adjust your game when you don’t have it. You have to simplify a little bit. I think we did. I think we tried to force a lot.”

The Rangers won the opening encounter in overtime, but they never came out of their defensive zone. The turnover led to the opportunity to score the sharks and save the Chesterkin. The Sharks won the showdown to the left of Shesterkin, they never gave up and scored.

“I felt like we played to win today and that’s how we should try to play,” Carlson said. “We’re not going to win every game, but we can’t be afraid to make mistakes or sit on our recovery and pray that our goalkeepers save us and somehow succeed. I think that was good. A step for us and it’s all about doing it consistently.”

Notes: Panarin’s goal expanded his points streak to five games (11 points; three goals, eight assists), the longest running streak of Rangers players since the start of the season for Brad Richards (five) in 2011-12. …Queen’s first win as a Sharks coach mirrored his first as a Rangers coach. It came on October 11, 2018, and the score was 3-2 in overtime against San Jose. …it was also his first win as NHL general manager for Sharks’ Mike Grier, who was appointed on July 5th…Meier played in his 400th game in the NHL, all with the Sharks.

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