Rafa Nadal’s confession about his wife before the Paris Masters

Rafael Nadal, pictured here, opens up about leaving his wife and son in Spain.

Rafa Nadal has opened up about leaving his wife and son in Spain. Photo: Getty

Rafa Nadal opens up about his heartache After leaving his wife and newborn son at his home in Mallorca to fly to Paris Masters this week.

And the Spanish champion confirmed this last month He and his wife, Xisca, welcomed a baby boy Their first child together.

After a short break, he became the number 2 in the world Back in action at Paris Mastersand left his newborn at home with Xisca.

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Speaking before the ATP 1000 event, Nadal opened up about how difficult it was to leave.

“It’s a different approach than usual,” Nadal said.

“It was always difficult to leave the house. It is interesting that even after two or three weeks, you leave your son at home and not be able to see him, it is interesting that even after only three weeks of knowing him, you start to miss him.

“All changes are difficult in this life, and you need to adapt to them. It is true at the same time that we are lucky today because thanks to technology we can make video calls anytime we want, and this always helps.”

Nadal admitted earlier in his career that he did not want to start a family until after retirement.

At 36 and with a newborn baby, many believe we’ll see Nadal calling for her to quit smoking in the next 12 months.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the grand slam champion, the 22-times Grand Slam champion, said he had no interest in battling Carlos Alcaraz for world number one in another sign that retirement is imminent.

Nadal can still finish the year top of the standings, but in order to overtake Alcaraz he will likely need a deep run in Paris and the season-ending ATP Finals in Turin later this month.

“To be clear, I understand it’s an interesting point because you’re talking about fighting for first place, [but] “I no longer fight to be number 1 in the world,” Nadal said.

“I just struggle to keep competing in every event I play. It’s something I said a long time ago, I won’t fight anymore to be number 1. I’ve done it in the past. I’ve achieved this goal several times in my career and I’ve been very happy and proud to have achieved it. But I am in the moment In my tennis career where I don’t fight to be number 1.

“I’m just excited to be here. I’m here to do my best and then accept things how they come. Hope I’m ready, I’ll try to be competitive. Let’s see. I’m excited about it.”

Rafa Nadal with his wife Cesca in Madrid in 2021 (Photo by David Benito / Getty Images)

Rafa Nadal with his wife Cesca in Madrid in 2021 (Photo by David Benito / Getty Images)

Rafa Nadal proud of his achievements in 2022

Nadal won the Australian and French Open titles in 2022, which saw him lead Djokovic by one grand slam in 21 matches.

Veteran Champions are now the only players in the top ten who are over 30, and four of the other eight are under 25.

“My feeling is that I’m proud of all the things I was able to be here in 2022,” Nadal said when asked how the next generation of talent was competing.

“It is something that says I have done a lot of things well in my life, not just my tennis career. To carry the passion, love the game and fighting spirit.

“I’m so proud of it and just hope to enjoy the last two events of the year.”

Rafael Nadal, pictured here speaking to reporters before the Paris Masters.

Rafa Nadal speaks to reporters before the Paris Masters. (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

while, Djokovic opens his campaign at the Paris Masters On Tuesday with a routine 7-6 (7-1) 6-4 win over Maxime Crissy.

Djokovic, a six-time champion in the ATP 1000 event in the French capital, was exhausted in the first set but came out unscathed after the American double-faulted in the tiebreak.

“It was very intense, just a lot of pressure,” he said.

“When you’re playing a player that’s that good – first and second – you don’t have a lot of space to relax and maybe play some kind of light game. The break came at the right time, the perfect time actually. I was very happy with the way I held my serve, I didn’t hit a point. broke down “.

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