Selective Catalog of London AD 93

Selective Catalog of London AD 93

Written by Louis Bateson · October 17, 2022

“When I started DJing, the openness that exists now wasn’t there at all,” says Nick Tasker, head of the production company. M 93. “Play techno and house together: people were commenting. While now it seems like it’s free for everyone. That’s always been what I’ve always felt most compatible with, and I think that continued with the label. I don’t focus on a specific sound. For me, it’s about working with artists that excites me.” Somehow “.

Listening to the London-based brand’s recent series proves it. Measurement no wave of a certainSouth London hair beat kobe ​​c, Dreamy surrounding electronics Sky H1—There is nothing consistent here, exactly, except for the desire to provide distinctive sounds that operate on and around the edge of the dance floor.

Tasker’s biography looks like a cross-section of a particular corner of the London music industry. He worked as a DJ all over Europe, residing in Radio NTSI worked at Soho Records Store Phonicaand as a host and producer in boiler room. “I just wanted to be close to what I thought was sexy,” he explains. He was an intern at Tastemaker Labels Young Turks in 2014 (now known as Young) when she launched her mark. white—a name referring to the original label’s initials “YTs” and a reference to the white label culture, the practice of casting tones, often anonymously, on plain vinyl. “The original idea was that it would be a way for young artists to release music anonymously,” Tasker says. “But it became something else when I took the lead in it. I’ve always wanted to run a brand, and this was a great opportunity.”

The Whities inaugural series proved to be a label worth watching, as the killer lined up 12″s of the likes. OvermonoAnd the Avalon EmersonAnd the giant swanAnd the Lanark Artifax. Tasker acquired the label independently of Young Turks in 2017. In 2020, during global Black Lives Matter protests, he announced that the label would change its name to AD 93. For example, Tasker says, the label no longer had any connection to white-naming culture on the other hand, and he felt increasingly uneasy about how the name was understood. “I don’t want the name to be left out, offended or ever been a topic of conversation,” he explained in a statement. When announcing the rebranding, he said, “I got a little worried — like, ‘Oh, am I drawing attention to something I don’t need to? “But I’m glad I did. It’s like, ‘Yeah, now we have to move on.'”

After the name change, AD 93 continued to go from strength to strength with a series of 12″s and longtime players newcomers and returning names. Here are eight major issues from the back catalog of AD 93.

Kobe C
canal, tube, or canal

Co-founder of Artist Group roll and cooperating in Mika Levy And the tirzahAnd the Kobe C He debuted on the label in 2017, which means his debut album canal, tube, or canal He has been working for about five years. Despite this, what he made here feels truly original: a mixture of post-dirt textures and surrounding meditation with Sey’s lyrics up front, and a meditation on police violence and community power. “We’ve been friends for a long time, and I think what he’s doing is amazing,” says Tasker. “He and people like Micah are a voice in London that isn’t necessarily obvious to people who aren’t from here. She crosses musical genres in a way that a lot of other experimental music doesn’t.”

a certain

a certain It’s the trio of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead – better known as the sepulchral production duo RaymyAn Italian percussionist Valentina Magaletti. on me pasteMusicians explore avant-garde rock from a new angle, with cool Magaletti’s subtle drumbeat underpinning vague acoustic samples and jarring, jarring guitar actions reminiscent of late Sonic Youth. “I loved everything Raime does, from mixing them to their music,” says Tasker. “Their musical knowledge is unmatched by a lot of people — a lot of ’90s techno, hardcore, grunge, American punk, stuff like that — and Moen is the combination of all of that. I’ve been a huge fan of Valentina for a long time, and we’re going to release something I did with him. ZongAmin Next year.”

A + A

060 Two veterans of the AD 93 catalog – DJ San Francisco and producer Avalon Emerson and Italian-born producer Guglielmo Barzacchini, based in London, aka Anunako For four tracks of gentle dance music. It is the first fruit of cooperation that is set up for business and operation. “Avalon has been here on tour once, and she’s a huge fan of what Guglielmo is doing. They got together and hit her up. I think the idea is that it would become a way for Avalon to launch more things geared towards the club. They think it’s going to be a long-term relationship — they have a lot of fun,” Tasker says. Things are in the making.

Sky H1
I visit

Belgian product Sky H1 It first appeared in AD 93 in late 2021 with I visitA collection of cool, ambient-colored electronics that brings back home listening at Warp’s Artificial intelligence compilations, even when it’s based on newer formats like drum & bass and dubstep. SKY H1 dedicated the album to her late mother, and based on that, tracks like “Labyrinth” and “Blade” have an indie and healing quality. “This style of music is completely free,” says Tasker. “I think people have always wanted emotional electronic music, and it’s never going to go away, no matter what the mainstream.”


Overmono, the fraternal partnership of Tom and Ed Russell plays a meticulously prepared mix of hardcore hardcores and technology that helped them move into the big rooms. Mostly they shoot through XL Recordings, but the 2018 Whities 12-inch is one of the gems in their catalog. Watch in particular “iii’s Front”, which takes a break and is masterfully beaten by a skilled jazz percussionist. “They’re kind of in this vein of classic British electronic production duets,” says Tasker. I think the version they made with me seems to be a little more left out, and a bit weird compared to some of their last catalog. I love him, it’s one of my favorite things – I hope we do something together again at some point.”

Angel’s Journey

Tasker is not shy about getting close to his heroes, and some notable versions of AD 93 have come from him by sending a hopeful email to an artist admired from afar. One of these was Geir Jensen, the Norwegian musician who was behind long-running ambient music biosphere. In response, Jensen sent him Angel’s Journey, a selection of disturbing but beautiful musical graphic influence from Beethoven’s 14th String Quartet. “Think of Biosphere,” Tasker says, “I think people often think of techno with ambient leanings, while this is more experimental, and I know it’s It will probably appeal to his audience a little bit.” “Some people really like it, while others say, ‘This is not part of the Biosphere catalog. “But I love him. I think that’s cool.”

Science High School
the second language

Minor Science (born in Angus Finlayson) was behind the fourth edition in AD 93, and has since become a fixture of the poster. His first album the second language It swings as close to the distinctive sound of 93AD as you might find it: angled on the dance floor, but unknowing of genre and subtle in its acoustic design. “The production is very exciting on his records. It’s based on all these different influences, and you can tell he loves jazz and things like that.” There’s going to be another record for him next year, and I’m very excited about it.”

Vivian Koch
beyond contact

DJ, producer and founder of the Berlin Collective Party Olymp Fattale, Vivian Koch, treats the process of making music as a spiritual practice. Her 2021 album AD 93 walks the line between dreamy ambiance, ambiance, and the most rugged, club-ready moments. “This record is one of our favorite songs we put on, and I feel like it’s not been defended as much as it should,” says Tasker. “She is very interested in making meditative and cool music right now. If she decides to keep making things, I feel like she has a really bright future ahead.”

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