Sensibo items can help you breathe better and live better

Sensibo can actually make your air conditioner smart; Now it can also help you keep your air clean with the new Sensible Elements indoor air quality monitor.

the Sensibo Elements is an indoor air quality monitor that provides real-time air quality updates and actionable insights to your mobile device.

The impact of air quality problems cannot be underestimated. It was explained well in a popular Reddit story on the internet eight years ago. A user posted to the legal advice subreddit worried someone had broken into his home and Leave sticky notes With notes “Tasks”. Other confusing things happened but the user was pretty sure it wasn’t him, and had no evidence of break-ins. Among the responses, one user asked if the original poster gets enough ventilation at night and suggested using a carbon monoxide detector. sure enough, That was the problem And getting to know him might have saved that person’s life. became the subject of a Podcast With follow-up interviews.

We hope you don’t have anything dramatic going on in your house but here’s the thing; How can you be sure? And if something happens that affects air quality, how quickly can you know and react to it?

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Here comes Sensibo Elements. It gives you real-time information on air quality with instant alerts if something happens that you should be aware of.

This small device can be installed on any surface or wall. It doesn’t require you to have any of your existing Sensibo products, but if you do – like the Sensibo Sky, Sensibo Air or Sensibo Pure – it can work with it to activate air conditioners and air purifiers when air quality is low, increasing airflow and improving health .

The air quality items you monitor are:

  • Carbon dioxide – which can cause headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration
  • Ethanol – Found in household products and can cause respiratory irritation
  • Moisture – with high levels leading to disease and mold growth
  • PM2.5 – Identification of unsanitary large particles such as dust, pollen and smoke
  • Temperature – to help you ensure a comfortable climate
  • Volatile Organic Compounds – which cause unpleasant odors, skin irritation, nausea, and dizziness

The unit is easy to set up; Simply launch the Sensibo app for Android or iOS and follow the steps. It connects your smartphone to Sensibo Elements’ temporary Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect it to your own Wi-Fi and the Internet, keeping it available in the app from then on, regardless of whether you’re home or away.

I have four Sensibo units already in my house; I’ve been using Sensibo products since 2017 to make my dumb air conditioners voice and app controllable. It helps me save energy by turning off appliances when I leave them on and no one is home, helps me create a comfortable home by setting temperature-related schedules, or remotely turn on the air conditioning on a hot day before I head home.

Sensibo elements are well slotted; It offers a simple control panel right in the app along with other Sensibo devices.


SensiboElements overview

Clicking it brings up more details on specific items, as well as graphs going back 12 hours. No more historical detail is available, so you can’t use the data to plot trends over time unless you record it manually, but you’ll notice trends the more you use it. For myself, I have definitely found that TVOC levels increase when cleaning and cooking. Thus, I now know to make sure I have ventilation flowing through the house during these times. After all, like everything iTWire Readers know what gets measured gets better – and that’s what Sensibo Elements brings you; The power of information to help you make positive changes when you might not have realized the need otherwise.

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You need to get used to the measurements. I’m sure we all know temperature, humidity, and even carbon dioxide and ethanol. However, TVOC is by far the most volatile item in my house, and it was something I had little knowledge of previously.


According to the Australian Government’s Management of Climate Change, energy, environment, and water, volatile organic compounds refer to “total volatile organic compounds.” It is such a diverse group of organic chemical compounds to simplify the reporting process because there are so many that it is difficult to report them individually. They generally refer to gas vapors emitted from vehicles. They can enter the body by inhalation and buildup of such elements in indoor environments has been associated with “sick building syndrome” and can cause irritation, headaches, nausea and organ damage.

The difficulty with TVOC is that it covers a large number of subjects, but fortunately, since Sensibo Elements provides real-time alerts, you can begin to correlate activities in your home with increased VOCs — like cooking and cleaning in my case.

And here’s the thing: by itself, Sensibo Elements won’t tell you “hey, that particular thing in your house is causing air pollution” but it does tell you that something is going on right now, that you should pay attention to, and it gives you the information and tools to identify changes in air quality that allow you to Be on the lookout, considerate of what happened in the house, and make changes right then and there.

Such as iTWire Readers, learn to make better decisions with data. It’s not a theme just for work; It’s something you can apply to your home and the health and well-being of you and your family.

Sensibo Elements also supports voice control from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It does not have Apple HomeKit integration but it does have a full featured app for iOS and Android.

the Sensibio Elements Available now for $270, down from $490.

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