“Settlement” is considered one of the best ways of life for the penguin nation

Living in the Pittsburgh Penguins is an amazing experience. But whether it’s money, time or travel, even the most diehard fans are bound to watch the team from home more than in person most of the time with matches being played across the North American continent. When you really can’t be from the back, you can always “go home”. What is entitlement? Pretty much anything and everything you do to create an atmosphere of comfort in your own space as you prepare to cheer on Sid and the boys.

With that in mind, let’s get ready for the upcoming 2022-23 pens let’s start if it’s true with some home tips.

Fries for everything

Everyone knows that french fries are indeed one of the best food items out there, but any good Pittsburger also knows that you can use strong french fries to top off almost any meal.

Throw these kids on your sandwich, and that’s the famous relish of Pittsburgh. Get really creative and you can use French fries on top of a salad as a crouton, but it’s obviously better since Fry> Plain Crispy Bread. French fries are almost the basis for an average nacho or can be used pretty much any way your imagination allows. Or just keep it simple and throw a lot of Heinz at them and you’re good to go. Anything works when you have french fries.

My other favorite and special “This reminds me of my Grandma’s Pittsburgh recipe” that I’m going to make for the big games goes like this. Take a large skillet, put in some slices of kielbasa, pierogies, as many colored peppers (red, yellow and green) and onions as possible. Fry it and then add the grated cheddar cheese and sour cream. He might sprinkle some chopped up French fries when no one is looking. Then give a ring to Guy Fieri, ’cause you’re headed to Flavortown, baby!

Prepare this T-shirt or lucky T-shirt

Whether it’s your favorite tried-and-true T-shirt you always wear to the big games, a new addition to your wardrobe, or just a special old T-shirt or hoodie, we all have these special clothes ready for playtime. Maybe it’s an old playoff towel or an old hat you’re clinging to like the legendary Sidney Crosby. Nothing gives a big game feel more than slipping on black gold and showing off your colors to back up the pens.

Play some tunes to set the mood for the pre-match

In the past, it was always nice to turn on the Pens app or the radio to hear Mike Lang talk about his game keys and what he was looking for. Now that the voice of the pens had long since retired, it caused a slight change in the pre-match ritual.

While the talking heads on TV prepare their fans for the game, one of the hacks I like to do is turn on my speaker and get a good set of music before the game. Very similar to the official pens DJ Brian DumoulinMy mix is ​​guaranteed to ignite the gang and get ready to start the game. (Well, it’s usually Spotify or Apple Music that does the heavy lifting with the playlist I’ll skip to find the songs I want to hear at that moment.)

Funny enough, earlier this week Seth Rorabu of the tribe Domo pointed to the audience Spotify pre-game playlist. So, if you want to hear some actual tunes the team will be listening to, maybe as it is – you’re in luck!

(Also, I guess I’m officially a senior—because of the 45 songs on this playlist, I’ve heard absolutely zero of these and only about four artists. NHL players love getting into the zone with EDM and house music more than me, needless to say. .)

The NHL season is full of ups and downs, but the real fun is enjoying the time you have along the way. Whether you’re gathering a large crew for important games, or just want to have a fun time of your own, when you’re local to get ready for the pens, it always ends up being a great day.

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