Simona Halep’s telling comments about Maria Sharapova have resurfaced

Simona Halep (pictured left) speaking at the US Open and (pictured right) Maria Sharapova speaking before the match.

Simona Halep (pictured left) comments about Maria Sharapova’s failed 2016 audition (pictured right) have resurfaced. (Getty Images)

Tennis fans dragged Maria Sharapova to Simona Halep’s epic After Romanian comments about the Russian ban in 2016 resurfaced.

Halep has been embroiled in the biggest doping drama in sport since Sharapova in 2016 after the Romanian failed a sample doping test at the US Open for the blood-boosting drug Roxadustat.

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The former world number 1 was temporarily suspended, but she vowed to clear her name after denying any wrongdoing.

“Today begins the most difficult match of my life: a struggle for the truth,” she wrote.

“Faced with such an unfair situation, I feel completely confused and betrayed. I will fight to the end to prove that I have not intentionally ingested any prohibited substance and have faith that the truth will come out sooner or later.”

A fan favorite, Halep has also received a lot of support from the tennis community.

Her former coach, Darren Cahill, has vigorously defended her integrity.

While current coach Patrick said he would support Halep to clear her name.

while, ATP Novak Djokovic Halep also offered support.

However, fans have been searching for Halep’s comments for years about rival Sharapova.

Simona Halep (pictured left) shakes hands with Maria Sharapova (pictured right) at the US Open.

Simona Halep (pictured left) and Maria Sharapova (pictured right) at the 2017 US Open (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Halep strongly criticized Sharapova after the failed Russian test for meldonium in 2016.

Sharapova faced a two-year ban, but that was reduced to 15 months after an appeal.

The Russian admitted that she had been taking the drug (at the time legally) for years, but failed to realize that it had been placed on the banned substances list on January 1.

Her ban expired before April 2017, prompting the Porsche Grand Prix to hand Sharapova a wildcard.

When Halep was questioned over her opponent’s wildcard, she offered a critical view of athletes who had been found to be doping.

“For children and young players, it is not acceptable to assist a player with a wild card who has been banned for doping,” Halep said at the time.

“It’s not about Maria Sharapova here, it’s about all the players who are found drugged. I can’t support what the tournament director did, but also I can’t judge.”

When asked in 2016 if she had reached out to Sharapova, Halep replied, “I’ve never spoken to her before, and there’s no reason to speak up now.”

Since the Halep incident itself, there has been a backlash over her comments.

While Halep will struggle to clear her name, many have claimed that players have been treated differently by fans and the media after initially failing a drug test.

Tennis World Rally behind Simona Halep

Halep, who was shocked by Daria Snegur In the first round of the US Open in September, she decided to bring her season to an end last month after nose surgery.

She was notified of a failed test on October 7.

However, the Romanian has received a lot of support since the surprising news and one of the biggest supporters is her former coach.

Cahill spent six years as coach of Halep, with whom he held the Roland Garros nickname, and defended the 31-year-old Romanian staunchly.

“Simona has aborted the words ‘Please double check this, triple check it to make sure it’s legal, safe and allowed. If you’re not sure, I don’t take it,'” he wrote.

Former coach Darren Cahill (pictured left) talks to player Simona Halep (pictured right).

Former coach Darren Cahill (pictured left) defended Simona Halep (pictured right) after she was suspended for failing a drug test. (Photo by Brenton Edwards/AFP via Getty Images)

“We both believe in the ITIA testing program and we will often discuss how often they have been tested, whether in tournaments or at random.

“I did so without complaint, with the reassurance of knowing that other athletes are being tested frequently.

“Competing against clean athletes was important to her.

Simona’s integrity is impeccable, she respects her peers, loves the game and always has her feet firmly planted on the ground as a humble, friendly champ.

He ended by saying, “I stand with Simo.”

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