Singapore Design Week presents the work of more than 200 designers

Upgrade functional: above 50 Events will be held during Singapore Design Week in September 2022, which presents a range of exhibitions, workshops and talks made possible by more than 200 designers and creators.

organized by design council of singaporeAnd the Singapore Design Week (SDW) It is one of the largest design festivals in Asia, returning next September after a two-year hiatus to present the “best design from Singapore and beyond”.

Design Week aims to showcase Singapore“The Distinguished Brand of Creativity” and will be held from September 16-25, 2022.

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“We are excited to unveil a new Singapore Design Week that will increase recognition of our UNESCO Design Creative City as a leading center for design, establish our leadership of design thought, and raise awareness of the value of design,” said DesignSingapore CEO. Council, Dawn Lim.

“Our designers have a tremendous amount of talent and creative courage that we can advocate, and we hope that festival-goers will bring real inspiration, meaningful connections and a fresh perspective on what design stands for in Singapore.”

“The two-year hiatus was a good time to hit the refresh button,” Mark Wei, director of SDW Festival 2022 also commented. “We discussed a stronger vision for the festival and how we can carve out a distinctive and lasting niche by focusing on the strengths of Singapore’s design.”

The 10-day event will explore design through three main themes: the future of design, the design market and the impact of design.

Curator and author Paola Antonelli
Design futures curator and author Paola Antonelli developed the Design Futures seminar. Marton Berlake’s photo

Design Futures will focus on the future of design and design for the future. This theme specifically explores design through the lens of forward-looking Singapore, “as a more positive future for Singapore and the world is being prototyped,” according to event organizers.

Future design contracts will be fixed by future design seminar The Agency for the Future: Design and the Search for a Better World.

Developed by momma Ameen Paola AntonelliThe symposium aims to examine the critical ways in which design is fundamental to a sustainable future.

Topics include design approaches to complexity, prototyping and systems, regenerative design, and design for global and local challenges, such as aging Population, urbanization and Climate change.

Speakers at the Singapore Design Festival
Curator Paola Antonelli has brought together a group of distinguished designers and thinkers for the Design Futures ندوة Symposium

“The Agency for the Future: Design and the Search for a Better World,” Antonelli said. “On the one hand, it highlights Singapore’s unique approach, based on modeling, prototyping, testing and mastering solutions for the preferred future, as in the design process. On the other hand, it refers to individual citizens, their ability and responsibility. Who has the agency to define and build the future? It is not Only formal bodies or corporations; agency resides in each one of us, through the decisions we make and the actions we take every day.”

“Informed and sensitive design can help us address complexity, so we can fine-tune our behaviors and improve the power of our decisions and actions,” Antonelli continued.

Singapore Design Festival
FIND will bring together the largest selection of in-house brands, top opinion leaders, designers and content from East and West. Image source: Stefano Boeri Interiors

The Design Marketplace offers a range of events, including Asia news and the largest design trade fair, FIND – Asia Design Fair Plus a host of talks from world-class designers.

FIND explores global lifestyle trends with a focus on the rapidly growing region of Southeast Asia.

As part of FIND, design council of singapore Events brand company Dmg Events will present a unique showcase of design talent in Southeast Asia called [email protected] It highlights the new work of more than 50 established and emerging designers from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, which focuses on the topic of materiality.

Items on display include a lamp and chair created by a designer in Bandung count the click Made from reprocessed cow dung and the lighting set created from bio-waste by a Filipino designer Stanley Ruiz.

Abstract design as part of the Singapore Design Festival
The event returns after a two-year hiatus to showcase “the best of design from Singapore and beyond”. Wooden bench by Alvin Tejetruergo

“Show [email protected] As a unique opportunity to bring together some of Southeast Asia’s most exciting designers – from recent graduates to the most famous names,” said Amin. [email protected]Susie Anita.

“Through their coordinated work through their choice of material exploration and implementation, I hope to showcase and celebrate the diverse range of processes and practices that continue to evolve in the region.”

Design Impact will showcase a range of impactful solutions aimed at tackling society’s biggest problems through design and include a range of pop-ups and galleries.

Image source: Forest & Whale
Reuse Lab takes local KeepCup’s KopiCup, which refers to a cultural icon in Singapore – recycled milk cartons as a ready-to-drink can. Image source: Forest & Whale

Sponsored by Design Studio WY-TOGood Design Research pop-up exhibition will present the positive impact of good design through research and prototyping by more than 20 designers in Singapore.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience some of Singapore’s most “distinguished and impactful” designs through the President’s Design Award (PDA) tours, which kick off during the week. The PDA is Singapore’s highest honor for design projects and designers.

colorful composition
The creators of the Desa Potato Head Creative Village in Bali present an evolving design showcase that spans across architecture, design, art, food and fashion.

Singapore National Design Center (NDC) It will also be transformed into a renewed design showcase called the N* thing is Possible, which celebrates “reuse, recycle, remanufacture, and relive.”

The event, which will be organized by the hospitality brand potato head The Dutch architecture studio OMAIt will offer a range of experiences that include architecture, music, design, art, fashion and food.

In the exhibition will be the works of the Japanese architecture studio Kengo KumaBritish designer Max Lampand design studio Toogood Design, environmental consultancy Eco Mantra and design studio Futura.

Chair designed by Max Lamb
A chair designed by Max Lamb and handcrafted by artisans at Kalpa Taru in Bali made with 100 percent recycled plastic household waste. Image via Potato Head.

“Root sustainability is woven into the DNA of Potato Head,” said Ronald Akeley, founder of Potato Head. “We serve sustainability in an engaging way, and we hope to inspire our guests to adopt an earth-friendly lifestyle by showing how it can be done beautifully without compromising.”

“We believe in sharing what we’ve learned because that’s how to create this multiplier effect,” Akeley continued.

Throughout the week, there will also be “lively live activities” such as the #FashTag at Raffles City – a fashion-focused acquisition presented by Director of Fashion and Creative Daniel Bowie, and Re-Route at Little India, a place-making festival by award-winning Plus collaborators. .

To learn more about Singapore Design Week, visit his site website.

The overhead speaker composite image includes images of (clockwise from top left): Paola Antonelli by Marton Berlaki, Yoko Choi, Tony Chambers, Susie Anita by Gavin Green, Ronald Akeley, Daniel Boye, Tan Wei-Ming, Alvin Tejetruergo, Fu Huang Anh, Karen Lim, Jim Zarate Torres and Robert Sukrachand.

The composite image of the speakers features portraits (clockwise from top left): Paola Antonelli by Marton Berlaki, Professor Lim Seung-gwan, Thomas Heatherwick, Sarah Ichuka, Dolisha Kolasoria, Michela Maga by Neboesa Babich, My Ling Loko by Shannon Strani, Natsai Audrey Chiesa by Toby Coulson, Dr. Amy Kiotta, and Aaron Manyam.

Singapore Design Week It takes place from 16-25 September in Singapore. We see Dozen Events Guide For an updated list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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