Skilldora partners with D-ID for AI-Taught courses

skeldorEd-Tech is a startup based in Fort mill, SC. , known as the e-learning community based on modern applications, today announced a partnership with she didusing its own Creative Reality™ technology to deliver exclusive training sessions by AI trainers, also referred to as digitally created humans.

With the global e-learning market approaching 1.72 trillion by 2026 according to Yahoo Finance, evolving improvements in education technology are giving the academic sector a growth impetus, and online learning is now the largest and fastest growing method for contemporary learners.

A new world of education driven by artificial intelligence

Skilldora’s mission is to use the power of artificial intelligence to deliver a new world of e-learning and is pleased to be the first online learning platform in the US to pioneer the use of all AI trainers on its platform, a nod to the future of e-learning.

The recent growth in the e-learning market also comes with the usual growing pains of high course drop-out rates, and astronomical payback costs creating significant challenges for e-learners, course creators, and platform owners.

Research shows that much of this is due to outdated, outdated course platforms and an influx of new course creators offering courses at different skill levels, resulting in inconsistent and unpredictable user experiences.

Popular courses for manageable learning

Skilldora’s new e-learning platform and app seeks to solve this problem by using AI Instructed™ courses to deliver structured, high-quality courses, ideally delivered in less than an hour.

Set up as a free-to-download membership site, with an in-app, pay-per-course, and a la carte model, Skilldora is designed to appeal to the modern learner offering advanced interactive functionality, collaborative learning features such as Learn with Friends capabilities that allow for real-time participation and invitations, and Learning Groups Social, community news feed, etc.

“We believe the world of e-learning is changing rapidly and learners want more interactive learning experiences, consistency in quality content and blended courses that they can take on their lunch break. Skilldora is answering the call by offering AI Instructed™ courses across a range of professional development classes and interactive personal discovery assessments. With immediate feedback from an AI trainer and a “ready-for-you” B2B solution, which produces on-demand e-learning products.” – say DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain, Founders of Skilldora.

The minds behind the machines

Skilldora’s vision is to be the leader in AI e-learning solutions for modern learners and future businesses, and now through its partnership with D-ID, it’s one step closer.

Behind Skildora’s vision are co-founders husband and wife, DeMario and Dawn Nicole McIlwain. Demario McKelwinthe brainchild of the innovative Skildora platform and elegant functionality, brings deep technical expertise in UI/UX design with proven expertise in managing technical projects, while Dawn Nicole, the heart of Skilldora Courses products, brings design thinking as a certified agile coach and builder of a globally accredited training program. With this perfect marriage of skills and background, the powerful duo combine their expertise to create something magical in Skilldora.

skeldor is a modern e-learning company that specializes in AI Instructed™ courses using digitally created humans to deliver course content. Skilldora’s products and services span from its AI Instructed™ courses to personalized discovery assessments with interactive AI Coach feedback, and a “Ready-You” corporate training solution that produces on-demand e-learning products and specifications.

With collaborative strategic partnerships, and its competitive advantage of being number one in the US market, Skilldora is on its way to virtually disrupting the e-learning industry, improving the user experience, and providing businesses with more diversification options in e-learning, with advanced features that exponentially accelerate to market.

she did is a Creative Reality™ company specializing in patented video re-enactment technology using artificial intelligence and deep learning. D-ID products range from still image animation to facilitating high-quality video production and creating viral user experiences.

With funding from Tier 1 VCs, D-ID aims to radically disrupt the time, inconvenience and costs involved in video production, allowing highly customized media to be created using AI, specifically in e-learning, corporate training, Marcom, AI assistants, History and Metaverse. With international clients, D-ID’s core competencies in human face and deep learning technology enable its partners to create exciting and engaging content hitherto unimaginable.

Featured image: Epic Notion, LLC.

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