S’pore Fitness Studio disappears overnight with website deleted, trainers and members not informed

Kyklos fitness studio suddenly closes

In a tough economy, sudden closures of shops are unheard of. But such incidents cause great inconvenience to its customers, especially when deals got stuck.

On Tuesday (September 13), a woman passing by Kaya shared on TikTok a video She has signed up for a ClassPass lesson with Kyklos Studio in Little India.

Class was scheduled for September 12 at 7.15 p.m. However, when I arrived, I found that something was not right.

Despite the equipment placed, the air conditioning in the studio was malfunctioning, and there was no coach.


lol wtheck i wasted my time. Fortunately Classpass refunded my credits. There is no responsibility in running a business.

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After waiting for 20 minutes, Kaya tried to contact the management by calling and sending a WhatsApp message to the studio number, but there was no response.

In the end, she gave up and went home.

The fitness studio is allegedly closed all night

The woman felt that the whole situation was fishy. So I searched for Kyklos Studio on ClassPass.

Kaya found that they have a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 and over a hundred reviews. In Google reviews, they have a rating of 4.8.

source: ClassPass

Although the studio apparently got promising reviews, it noted that the last review wrote, “The studio just went to MIA overnight.”

source: Google Reviews

According to the review, the studio’s Instagram has been taken down. Kyklos Studio has also been removed from the third-party Mindbody app.

The reviewer urged others not to believe the five-star ratings, as she said she had purchased a ticket from the studio and had yet to be refunded.

That’s right, when Kaya did her own research, she found that the studio’s Instagram had been deleted. Their website is made private.

source: tik tok

While Kyklos Studio is still not connectable, the . files Applicationwhere customers book lessons, is still running.

A Google review check showed that Kyklos Studio’s rating has now dropped to 4.6.

One new reviewer wrote that they signed up for the same 7.15pm class as Kaya via ClassPass. Six of them showed up only to find that the studio was closed.

Fitness studio closed

source: Google Reviews

ClassPass has since given Kaya a refund of her credits, but she uploaded the TikTok video in hopes of warning others about the studio’s closure.

Share Kaya with MS . News It was my first time booking a class with Kyklos Studio. But another girl who was in attendance on Sept. 12 said she just attended a class there last week and everything seemed normal.

On September 10, another client went on a course with Kyklos Studio and did not notice anything out of the ordinary.

Kyklos studio formerly known as X Fitness

according to ClassPassKyklos Studio offers yoga classes at one of its outlets on Tekka Place, and coaching classes at the Gr.ID Shopping Center along Selegie Road.

Most of the studio members MS . News She spoke to Kyklos Studio formerly known as X Fitness. The name change occurred after the rebranding exercise.

They also noted that prior to that, X Fitness was once called the X Spin Club, the studio that had previously painted Flack due to poor customer service. Suddenly closed after epic.

While it is unclear when the Kyklos renaming was official, those who attended their classes say it was “recent”.

Oldest in the studio reconsidering It was only left 16 days ago.

The customer was allegedly kicked out of the recycling category

Despite the numerous renamings, the studio’s operations weren’t entirely smooth sailing.

After her bad experience in the spin class on September 4th, Candice moved to Instagram To advise against joining their classes.

Source: fatwingdiary on Instagram

Candice said her teacher was rude and accused her and her friends of obstructing the flow of the class. 30 minutes into the class, he allegedly told them to “get the f**k out” of the studio.

I felt insecure because he was throwing rudeness at them even after they apologized, not knowing what he had done wrong.

The commotion was witnessed by the other members who were present. Anna, who was in the class, confirmed the incident with MS . News.

After she booked her class via ClassPass, Candice wrote an official complaint to ClassPass.

In her email he saw MS . Newsshared her concern about her privacy and safety, claiming that the trainer had been known to extract personal information of unsatisfied clients.

Candice previously also noted that her coach was the studio owner.

ClassPass later refunds Candice for the lesson and passes her feedback on to the Kyklos ClassPass account manager.

When Candice left a review on Kyklos Studio’s ClassPass website, the studio replied that it was likely a “misunderstanding”.

source: ClassPass

Customers left with credits in their permits

In Candice’s Instagram post, I attached previous reviews of the said trainer, all sharing similar feelings about his “rude” attitude.

One customer, Lynn, shared that she sent a WhatsApp message to the owners about booking a class on September 14, but the message was not read. Her efforts to contact Kyklos studio were also in vain.

She later spoke to the management staff of Gr.ID mall, who told her that they are currently investigating the matter.

Lynn, like many others, signed and paid for the packages with Kyklos Studio.

Anna, who watched the uproar that broke out in Candice on September 4, bought 52 classes with the studio for S$600. So far, she has 42 chapters left on her account.

Two others also shared with MS . News That they still have up to 53 credits at Kyklos Studio.

Fitness studio closed

Image courtesy of MS News Reader

While many have tried to contact the owners, their messages and calls have not been answered.

Kyklos Studio coaches also in the dark

Since the owners could not be contacted, some members turned to trainers instead. Unfortunately, the coaches were also in the dark.

One of the coaches, Kate, said it all happened suddenly, and they were all confused and clueless about what to do.

I shared with her MS . News They sent chat messages to Kyklos staff as well as both owners asking for updates but never received a response.

Fitness studio closed

Image courtesy of Kate

The trainers were also put in a difficult situation as clients were also asking them for updates.

Former X-Fitness coach Jessica revealed that the owner had previously considered closing the studio. Apparently he threatened to do so in a conversation via text.

Fitness studio closed

Image courtesy of Jessica

At the time of writing, both employees and clients have yet to hear back from the studio’s owners.

However, Google now indicates that Kyklos Studio is “permanently closed”.

At the time of writing, at least five grievant members have been informed MS . News They filed a police report.

MS . News I also reached out to ClassPass for comment.

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Featured image adapted from tik tok And the Google Maps.

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