The Biden administration is taking another step toward advancing a controversial oil drilling project in Alaska

CNN – The Interior Ministry’s Bureau of Land Management came forward on Wednesday the The controversial willow oil exploration project On Alaska’s North Slope, a final environmental impact statement is issued prior to project approval. ConocoPhillips’ proposed Willow drilling plan is a massive, decades-long project that the state’s bipartisan congressional delegation says will create much-needed … Read more

An Amnesty International study found that the planet could exceed the threshold for warming by 2 degrees by mid-century

CNN – A new study using machine learning reveals that the planet could pass critical warming thresholds sooner than previous models predicted, even with coordinated global climate action. The study estimates that the planet could reach 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels in a decade, and finds a “significant potential” for global warming to exceed … Read more

What’s on your plate can save the planet

The food we eat has a huge impact on our planet. Livestock farming takes up 77 percent of agricultural land, causes deforestation, destroys other ecosystems and leads to more than 60 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions from our food systems. All this while contributing only 17 percent of the global caloric requirement. It is … Read more

Sensibo items can help you breathe better and live better

Sensibo can actually make your air conditioner smart; Now it can also help you keep your air clean with the new Sensible Elements indoor air quality monitor. the Sensibo Elements is an indoor air quality monitor that provides real-time air quality updates and actionable insights to your mobile device. The impact of air quality problems … Read more