An Amnesty International study found that the planet could exceed the threshold for warming by 2 degrees by mid-century

CNN – A new study using machine learning reveals that the planet could pass critical warming thresholds sooner than previous models predicted, even with coordinated global climate action. The study estimates that the planet could reach 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels in a decade, and finds a “significant potential” for global warming to exceed … Read more

ChatGPT: AI will shape the world on a scale not seen since the iPhone revolution, says OpenAI president

The role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in humanity’s future is so “incredibly” huge that the man running the hottest AI startup in the world these days says he can’t fully envision it. We should expect AI to transform the world in a way not seen since the iPhone revolution 15 years ago, says … Read more

The 5 fastest growing industries for 2023

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. The world is changing rapidly, and with it the industries that drive the global economy. In recent years, some industries have experienced explosive growth while others slowed down or disappeared completely. In this article, we will look at the top five fastest growing industries and discuss what makes them … Read more

Secret document reveals key human role in gunshot technology

CHICAGO (AP) — In more than 140 cities across the United States, ShotSpotter’s artificial intelligence algorithm and complex network of microphones evaluate hundreds of thousands of sounds a year to determine whether they were shooting, resulting in data that is now used in criminal cases nationwide. . But a classified ShotSpotter document obtained by the … Read more

The application of artificial intelligence in China is ahead of the United States

BEIJING, China – OCTOBER 13: A self-driving robotic taxi drives along a road on October 13, 2020 in … [+] Beijing, China. Baidu launched trial operations of its Apollo Robotaxi in Beijing on Saturday, and passengers can hail a self-driving robotaxe through a mobile app. (Photo by Jia Tianyong/China News Service via Getty Images) China … Read more

AI predicts heart disease risk using a single chest X-ray

This is one of several deep learning algorithms developed by Mass General and Brigham and Women’s to look at standard chest X ray To use artificial intelligence to perform a variety of opportunistic examinations of patients who undergo chest x-rays for various reasons. They developed algorithms to look at chest X-rays for lung scans, determine … Read more

Artificial intelligence will be critical to the growth of renewable energy

The digitization of oil and gas has been well documented, with almost all energy companies relying on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other innovative technologies to improve their operations. But what role does artificial intelligence play in renewables? Just like in oil and gas, AI is being adopted for use in wind, solar, and other … Read more

“Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are becoming a pervasive force in business”

India’s vibrant startup culture and urban adoption of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence has led to an explosion in the number of health tech startups in the country. delving deeper into discussions, Harry Subramaniumfounder and CEO of LifeSigns, had an interaction with Kanchi Chawla From Elites News Network (ENN). Edited excerpts: Where … Read more

ITRI ​​presents innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, and ICT at CES 2023

the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)Taiwan’s largest applied high-tech research institution announced today that it will introduce artificial intelligence, robotics and ICT technologies in CES 2023 booth 9855North Hall, LVCC and its default event location ( CES 2023, issued by ITRI, highlights artificial intelligence, robotics, and ICT technologies AI Aquariuma Honored by the CES 2023 … Read more