A bold and beautiful recap: Sheila warns Katie not to interfere with her and Bill

In her office, Taylor tells Ridge on the phone that the situation with Bill and Sheila is under control. He shouldn’t come back to confront Bill because he’ll only scream and make the situation worse. Sheila appears and Taylor lets Ridge go. Sheila wanted to talk to her now that she knew they weren’t really … Read more

Bold and Beautiful Recap: Sheila goes free thanks to Mike Guthrie’s guide

At Forrester, Brooke and Taylor discuss Sheila’s hearing. Brooke thinks maybe it will provide closure for Stevie and Finn. Taylor hopes it is cathartic for them and quips that it is the end of the road for poor, misunderstood Sheila Carter. Taylor and Brooke delve into eating out and marvel at the decision to spend … Read more

Bold and Beautiful Summary: Bill doubles down on his threat against Taylor

At Bill’s house, Steffy tells him that she can see in his eyes that Katie and Brooke are hurting him. Sheila warns Fareesa of vulnerability and is relieved that he has come to his senses. “Thank God, I have reconsidered.” Now, Sheila is back behind bars where she belongs, but Stevie needs to know that … Read more