The Biden administration may try to oust World Bank President David Malpass

Biden officials considered trying to remove the head of the World Bank David Malpasswho took office during the Trump administration, because they believe he is weak on the climate, according to people familiar with the matter. why does it matter: Administration officials are deeply concerned about Malpass’ not answering This week when asked if climate … Read more

The natural world in motion: Wildlife documentaries are local to our radar

The global climate has been in decline for decades now. The increase in the number and frequency of natural disasters is glaring evidence of that. Countries around the world are facing the real threats of climate change. Take Pakistan, for example. Since June this year, it has been inundated with rainfall and by August more … Read more

Ukraine war threatens nuclear disaster and highlights UN divisions, takes center stage in General Assembly

United nations UN officials had hoped that this year the General Assembly would take place in New York — the first annual gathering of nearly 200 nations at the world body since Corona Virus The pandemic hit – it will take a broad focus on the many crises facing humanity at the moment. But with … Read more

Sea-level rise in La Niña complicates Western Australian beach movement

Oceanographers say growth and erosion in Australia’s west coast is intensifying in La Niña conditions, due to the stronger Lewin Current and rising sea levels. Australia has experienced La Niña weather conditions for the past two years, and the Bureau of Meteorology announced this week that it will form again this summer. Space for play … Read more

California’s electricity problems offer insight into a green energy nightmare

“Well, they’re out there having fun / In the warm California sun” (song by The Rivieras, 1964). California has become an example of what a state looks like when it’s controlled by one party—in this case, the Democrats, who are trying to impose Green energy is a secular religion on their people. State officials have … Read more

As the planet warms, Canada faces an influx of climate refugees

This story is original featured on The National Observer of Canada which is part of Climate office cooperation. As droughts, degraded farmland and rising sea levels push people around the world from their homes, advocates in Canada are calling on the federal government to support those who are – and will be – displaced by … Read more