Eating toast – may do more harm to health than convenience

Bread, in its many forms, whether it’s waffles, pancakes, croissants, or the comforting slice (or stack) of toast, is an easy go-to for many busy people—but according to some experts, Bread It is not easy to digest, and overeating may harm the body. Dr. Fukushima Masatsugu, a Japanese gastroenterologist, confirms in his book “Don’t Eat … Read more

The Arizona Biosphere 2 project continues the mission of exploring a changing planet

Built in 1991 to study the prospects of humans in outer space, the facility is a breeding ground for Earth science experiments ORACLE, AZ — From the beginning, the Biosphere 2 project has included all the components of a large-scale Earth science experiment that has profound implications for human survival in outer space. Can a … Read more

Intermittent Fasting – 9 Benefits and Best Practices

Through intermittent fasting By controlling caloric intake, the human body can increase the amount and function of stem cells, which are vital to the normal aging process and reduce inflammation. What is intermittent fasting? What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? How do we know if we are suitable for intermittent fasting? “Fasting” means not … Read more

A diet that outperforms the Mediterranean diet in reducing visceral fat

the Mediterranean diet It can help with weight loss, protect the heart, and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and dementia. It is recognized as the best diet overall. However, a modified version called the “green Mediterranean diet” is more effective at getting rid of visceral fat – a factor that causes many chronic diseases. The … Read more