Olafur Eliasson: Virtual Reality, Mirrors and Magic at Strozzi Palace

Olafur Eliasson imbues Strozzi Palace with virtual reality, illusion and the rationality of the Renaissance In ‘Nel Tuo Tempo’, a major show at the Palazzo Florence in Florence, Olafur Eliasson bends perceptions of Renaissance architecture through dazzling site-specific installations. In 1466, when Filippo Strozzi was allowed to return to Florence after being expelled by the … Read more

Soy Dreams of Milk tells touching stories of Asian immigration

Gay paper cut-outs and 3D-scanned Chinese restaurants tell stories of Asian immigration In Hong Kong, Stories of Asian Immigration have taken over Blindspot Gallery in a group show called Soy Dreams of Milk Stretched across a cardboard screen, a video shows a woman washing the carcass of a small white sperm whale. Standing thigh-deep in … Read more