How a suburban hospital uses virtual reality for stroke rehabilitation

David Gerfen slips on a headset and finds himself in a food truck, tasked with putting together a made-to-order cheese and tomato sandwich. When transferred to another virtual environment, Jervin has to use one hand to deflect a blue ball towards him like a throwing machine across a green field. Gervin, 80, is not an … Read more

Replacing group health with individual market plans | EBA

Nearly 50 million employees will quit their jobs this year to find an employee who pays more More opportunities for advancement It fits their lifestyle better. Soon they are likely to ask their employer to let them choose their own company health insurance plan. They don’t want their job to dictate their life. And a … Read more

Grant winner Jesse Hawkes Pierce supports athletes with disabilities

Jesse Hawkes-Pierce with John West, EIT’s Head of Business and Computing, and CEO of Ryman Healthcare NZ Cheyne Chalmers. Not content with her laurels, Jesse Hawkes-Pierce has her finger in many pies and is already looking to the future after receiving a Sir James Watty scholarship three weeks ago. The 26-year-old EIT Business student won … Read more

The Montana Department of Health seeks to eliminate the board of directors that listens to pleas for public assistance

Montana health officials are asking lawmakers to abolish a board that hears pleas from people they believe have been wrongly denied public assistance benefits. Since 2016, General Assistance Council Fewer than 20 cases are heard annually, and very few have not been canceled, but preparing for those appeals and board meetings takes time from staff … Read more

ICBC and BC courts are set to close on Monday, and health services will remain open

The decision to grant a day off for public sector workers in British Columbia came on Monday, coinciding with the funeral Queen Elizabeth II It has unintended consequences. National holiday means ICBC appointments and cases will need to be rescheduled. British Columbia on Wednesday announced plans to give all public sector workers and Crown employees … Read more

Has the US jumped the gun with new vaccines targeting omicron?

Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Omicron vaccines, accompanied by a breathless press release from science and media blitzkrieg. A few days after the FDA’s action, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention followed suit, recommending updated boosters for anyone 12 or older who received at least two doses of the … Read more

Outpatient cover gaining popularity among Indian consumers, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Written by Amit Shubra The COVID-19 pandemic has been eventful in the world in more ways than one. It has completely changed the way people think when it comes to their health, their money, the way they want to work, and even the way they want to live their lives. Every sector has undergone major … Read more

Anxious seniors try to deal with tight budgets

Economic insecurity is upending the lives of millions of elderly people, as rising housing costs and inflation reduce the value of fixed income. Across the country, the anxiety and distress of elderly people who until recently managed to manage tight budgets are growing. Some lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others face unsustainable increases in … Read more