Do planes, trains, and cars still operate today?

Steve Martin and John Candy Planes, trains and cars (Image: Paramount Pictures)Draw: Libby McGuire This year marks the 35th anniversary of what is widely considered the best Thanksgiving movie ever made –Planes, trains and cars. Paramount celebrates the occasion with A New remastered 4K version Shows over an hour of deleted scenes from the original … Read more

Layoffs hit the tech sector as hard as Amazon, Lyft warns of economic downturn

The outlook for tech industry jobs worsened Thursday, with passenger carrier Lift a company LYFT -2.00% and Stripe Inc. a company AMZN -3.06% Saying it would freeze hiring companies for months. The outpouring of dismal news for the industry came as the Fed moved again to raise interest rates To combat inflation, signaling greater … Read more