ChatGPT: AI will shape the world on a scale not seen since the iPhone revolution, says OpenAI president

The role that artificial intelligence (AI) will play in humanity’s future is so “incredibly” huge that the man running the hottest AI startup in the world these days says he can’t fully envision it. We should expect AI to transform the world in a way not seen since the iPhone revolution 15 years ago, says … Read more

Microsoft stock jumps with earnings difference and solid cloud results

font size Microsoft is facing a slowdown in the growth of its cloud computing business. Gerard Julien/AFP via Getty Images Microsoft Shares jumped in late trading on Tuesday after the software company’s latest quarterly profit came in slightly better than expected. While the company saw weakness in its PC software business, Microsoft (stock ticker: MSFT) … Read more

Handheld Games Watchlist and Predictions 2023

It was Andrew Leszewski Cover and review tools—everything from headphones, to e-readers, to drones—for more than 16 years, but his favorite subject and hobbies are handheld games. If you have a tip, story idea, or pitch, you can reach it at The most important story: Although cheap LCD game consoles with frustratingly flawed gameplay … Read more