Astra Books for Young Readers reinvents the brand

This June, the Astra Books for Young Readers imprint will receive a new name: Minerva. The company will mark this change with a June 6 posting Papa’s Magic Water Jug Clock, the first children’s book by American comedian and actor Jesus Trejo, illustrated by Eliza Kinks, as the opening act for the renamed brand. Trejo’s … Read more

The Cloud in Indonesia: Seeing the Silver Side – Academia

Prabaharan Gopalan and Thomas Hansmann Jakarta ● Friday, January 13, 2023 2023-01-13 03:26 0 499db3314bec618375f5d217fc26c77e 2 academia Cloud Computing, Cyber ​​Security, Business, Industry, Mining, Digital Data, Customers free Countries around the world, including Indonesia, are moving to the cloud for its disruptive and transformative capabilities, as well as its remarkable value potential. There are huge … Read more