New York Yankees’ Zach Britton, who recently returned from Tommy John surgery, walks out with left arm fatigue after a wild pitch.

New York — Zach BrittonHer aspirations to be a part ofYankeesThe Posteason List may have taken another hit Friday night after the veteran detective, who returned last week from Tommy John’s surgery, was removed from New York. 2-1 loss to me Baltimore Orioles With the left arm strained in the sixth game after facing two … Read more

Sarris: Across MLB, turnover rates are back again near their peak. Are sticky things here to stay?

Is the fight against spinning hopeless? Turnover rates around baseball are escalating again — almost back to where they were before baseball started enforcing foreign substance rules more actively in the middle of last season — perhaps due to the kind of evolution in sticky solutions that bowlers use to augment their stuff. Indeed, this … Read more

Deciding scenarios, arc and timeline

There are still weeks left to go in the MLB 2022 regular season, but some teams – mainly the Los Angeles Dodgers – are already looking towards October. The Dodgers snatched their first season-breaking berth on Sunday night. Now the Houston Astros, the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves, to name a few, are … Read more