The wombat was found in the middle of Lake Moolwala on the Victoria-New South Wales border for the first time to a wildlife rescuer

Northern Victorian Wildlife Conservancy Kylie Donkers has been involved in some “very strange rescues” over the years, but this week’s recovery of the animals on a lake was a first. the main points: A wombat was seen sheltering on a log in Lake Moolwala on Monday morning It was the dramatic first-ever rescue of Kylee … Read more

90 animals were rescued in a Washington home during a routine wildlife search, and other animals were found dead

Last month, a routine wildlife search resulted in the rescue of 90 animals, while a few more were found dead in a Washington home. Although there is no news regarding the charges against the owner, some of the animals are now ready to be placed in forever homes. The Pend Oreille County Sheriff’s Office (POCSO) … Read more