Chinese spaceship with 3 docks with space station

BEIJING (AP) — Three Chinese astronauts docked early Wednesday at their country’s space station, where they will nest for several days with the three-man crew already on board and expand the facility to its full size. The docking at Tiangong station came at 5:42 a.m. Wednesday, about 6 and a half hours after the Shenzhou-15 … Read more

After American football changes the Iranian flag on social media, Iran is calling for the US to be kicked out of the 2022 World Cup

CNN – Iran State media called for the expulsion of the United States from World Cup 2022 After the United States Soccer Federation changed the flag of Iran on its social media platforms to show its support for the protesters in Iran. The federation temporarily displayed the Iranian national flag on its official Twitter, Instagram … Read more

Apple sends the DSID along with the iPhone analytics data, and the tests show up

picture: Sukrita Runrog (stock struggle) A new test of how Apple compiles Usage data from iPhones Found that company Collecting Personally identifiable information While Explicitly promising no. The sprivacy policy dominant Apple device analytics Says None of the information collected personally identifies you. But the data analysis has been sent to Apple It is shown … Read more

Is AI art really art? This California show says yes

CNN Business – With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence for image generation, prof question has Hadeer Art World: Can AI create art? At the bitforms show in San Francisco, the answer is yes. An exhibition called Artificial Imagination runs through late December and features works created or inspired by the DALL-E generative AI system … Read more

CAPSTONE becomes the first probe to enter a unique halo orbit around the moon

Animation showing CAPSTONE’s highly elliptical NRHO around the Moon. GIF: advanced space NASA agency Artemis program Take an important step forward this The end of the week, with CAPSTONE finally reaching its destination – the Nearly Straight Halo Orbit (NRHO) around the Moon. The 55-pound cube moon will test this promising orbit in preparation for … Read more

Dave Chappelle on ‘SNL’: A timeline of the controversy over his transgender jokes

CNN – Tonight Dave Chappelle will host “Saturday Night Live” For the third time – an appearance that aroused controversy even before he went on stage. The comedian has sparked growing outrage in recent years for releasing transgender jokes, and outrage increased last fall when Netflix released a Chappelle special, “the closest,” He doubled down … Read more

Apple sued iPhone privacy settings after Gizmodo story

picture: LOIC VENANCE / Contributor (Getty Images) Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly collecting iPhone user data even when the company’s privacy settings promise not to. The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in federal court in California, comes days later Exclusively reported by Gizmodo When looking at how many iPhone apps send … Read more

Apple apps track you even with privacy protections in: Report

picture: Greg Baker / Contributor (Getty Images) For all the Apple talk about how private your iPhone is, the company dumps a lot of data about you. iPhones have a privacy setting that should turn off this tracking. According to a new report from independent researchers, though, Apple collects very detailed information about you through … Read more

Former NBA Champion Changes ‘How He Builds the World’ to Fight Climate Crisis

London CNN Business – Three years ago, a hurricane Destroyed The Bahamas, claimed dozens of lives. Today, the country is building what it claims to be the first in the world carbon negative Residential community to reduce future potential climatic disasters To alleviate the housing shortage caused by the storm. Rick Fox, a former Los … Read more

CEO of Startups on Raising Kids with an Entrepreneurial Mind

Since she was young, Cheryl Siu Hwi has always known that she wants to run her own business. “When teachers asked what your ambition was…and many children wanted to become doctors or lawyers. My ambition was [to be] business woman ” CNBC Make It. That childhood dream is now a reality for the 39-year-old entrepreneur, … Read more