Taqtile launches “Manifest Maker” work instruction platform AR

October 26, 2022 – Taqtile, Inc.Manifest Corporation, a provider of augmented reality (AR) work instruction solutions for non-desktop employees and maker of augmented reality enabled work instruction platform, today announced the launch of the new Manifest Maker app.

Manifest Maker enables companies to create digital work instructions and is designed to help organizations overcome implementation barriers and derive value from AR-enabled work instructions platforms by allowing the creation of step-by-step digital procedures to guide non-desktop workers.

According to Tradition, companies can easily pick up action, whether it is to replace failed components in industrial equipment to perform inspections of a fleet of vehicles. Manifest Maker helps reduce the process of creating AR work instructions and learning curves by enabling workers to capture video footage of an expert performing an action and digitize it.

Manifest Maker features tools that allow users to create custom work instructions, enhanced with video and still video clips and other images, automatically typed text, spelling directions, and scan existing guides. The result is a step-by-step digital procedure that can be used by officeless workers and can be set up in a matter of minutes, according to the company.

“So far, creating digital procedures for use by officeless workers has been challenging, the time has come John Tomizuka, Co-Founder and President, explains Technical employee in a killing company. The elegant simplicity of Manifest Maker will empower users anywhere To create work instructions simply and quickly that can be increased and shared Non-desktop workers across the enterprise using an augmented reality-enabled platform like Manifest.”

Key features of the new Manifest Maker platform include:

  • Simple drag and drop videos
  • Still creating photos
  • Automatic copying of videos
  • Auto dictation
  • Markup of image and annotation with graphics and text
  • Scanning and digitization of paper brochures

Completed work instructions created with Manifest Maker are also fully compatible with the company’s AR-enabled Manifest platform, whereby the instructions can be augmented with augmented reality and spatially related content and made available to officeless workers anywhere, anytime.

Using the Manifest platform, workers without desks can access the work of Manifest Maker step by step Digital instructions, guides, how-tos, 3D animated models and detailed digital twins holograms, and other invaluable company-centric knowledge, resulting in increased maintenance and Operational efficiencies, improved safety.

Moreover, work instructions are delivered directly to the device site via a head-mounted monitor or iPad, resulting in faster training and better execution of critical actions. When situations arise that require more detailed instructions, remote assistance is available in real time with knowledgeable experts from the company’s operations center or even from OEMs.

Taqtile’s Manifest Maker is now available for free on Apple App Store. For more information about Taqtile technology and its augmented reality solutions for remote workers, please visit the company website.

Photo/video credit: Taqtile/Vimeo

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