Taylor Swift Pulls Off All Our Midnight Shocks

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Taylor Swift has done it again. Her tenth album “Midnights” portrayed the feeling of the entire Internet: depression. But also so much more than that, I gave permission to trade self-love for self-loathing. And honestly, it’s awesome.

Swift personally presented her album on spotify On October 21 with the inside scoop: “The first thing that kept me up at night that helped inspire the ‘Midnights’ album is my self-loathing.” Creator. I mean, aren’t we all tired of feeling like we have to constantly love ourselves? If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that Toxic positivity Outside. Sometimes I wake up, and I’m not ready to love myself. And sticky notes that say “I’ve got this” on the mirror won’t cut it.

Besides self-loathing, Swift says her other causes of insomnia include fantasizing about revenge, wondering what it could be, falling in love, and breaking up. Of course, no Taylor Swift album would be complete without songs that talk about revenge and love, and “Midnights” has plenty of them to ponder. But where I feel this album stands out in its description of the muddy side of humanity – not necessarily true darkness but rather messy, dirty, raw, Human The things we all go through but don’t always talk about. Swift doesn’t just talk about it; It invites us all to enjoy it.

When I write this story in a New York City coffee shop, listening to the new album over the speakers (being basic genius, as usual), the bartender says the songs remind them they were in “the time of the devil.” Put in detail please? “You know, when you’re drinking, it’s late, and you’re like ‘f*ck it’ and you decide there’s no such thing as mistakes—that’s the time of the devil.” Description is topical. And to me, “Maroon” is the epitome of time-devil: “How did we end up on the floor, anyway? / You say, ‘Your roommate’s cheap ass rose, / That’s how it is.” Filled with messy romance, delicious mistakes and calling in the worst version of yourself for their opinion.

How about half of this album? One Twitter user says, “The Midnights have 1989’s unwavering brilliance, the depth of folklore and forevermore, the heart of lovers, and the middle finger of reputation.” Definitely, if you want to get technical information about it. But also: “Midnight” is a mental health anthem. as last TweetsThe fun thing about listening to Taylor Swift’s new album with your friends is seeing all the different responses to trauma.

This album is for the Good Goods who grew up listening to “Our Song” and “Fifteen” and 15 years later dealing with Zoloft, bisexual, and knee-jerk trauma. Well, maybe I’m just describing myself. But Swift, too, has been actively trying to break the “good girl” image for years now, and with songs like “Mastermind,” her approach is more self-aware than in the Reputation era: “What if I told you none of that was accidental? ? / And the first night you saw me did you know I wanted your body? / I laid the foundation.”

If this album is an article about mental illness, then the lead single “Anti-Hero” is our thesis calling itself narcissistic behavior – The mental health buzzword of 2022. The chorus somehow sums up an experience quite a lot of us have gone through: knowing you’re the problem as well as refusing to deal with it. “It’s me/Hi/I’m the problem, it’s me.” Self-analysis seems closer to The era of TikTok self-diagnosis We found ourselves recently, and frankly feel fresh.

I have this thing as I get older, but never wiser / Midnight becomes the afternoon / When my depression works to shift the cemetery / All the people I sate are standing there in the room

The music video for the song appears to touch on Swift’s history with disordered eating, which I’ve talked about it before. The song also contains the strangest lyric ever arranged: “Sometimes I feel like everyone is a hot kid / And I’m a monster on the hill / Too old to hang out.” I had to restart it twice to make sure I heard it correctly. But “sexy baby” (maybe a Reference “30 Rock”) is a great sight for anyone who feels like they’re “getting old” from pop culture, being surrounded by sexually excited guys (I’m on the Lower East Side on a Friday night). It’s also attached to anyone who sometimes feels like they’re taking up too much space.

In the tenth track, “The Labyrinth,” we get a touch of wellness through “”It hurts so much right now” / Was it what I’ve been thinking about all the time / Breathe, breathe through, breathe deeply, breathe.” What guided meditation takes no time to remind us that breathing can bring us a lot of heartache? According to the Genius Lyrics websiteSwift parodied this lyric in it Graduation speech at New York University Ahead of the release of “Midnight,” the transcript of her talk provides some additional context: “Tough things will happen to us, we will recover, we will learn from it, we will become more resilient because of it, and as long as we are lucky enough to breathe, we breathe, we breathe, we breathe deeply, and we exhale.”

In true Swift style, “Midnights” leads us down a whirlwind of emotion. And while the pop music’s mind makes it clear that she just wants to “stay in the lavender mist,” she’s also given us permission to break up. Because maybe getting sh*t together is overkill.

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