The biggest men’s freestyle competition we want to renew in the world

One of the best things about the World Championship is that it increases your chances of seeing the renewal of some of the brightest international competitions in wrestling. What is better than sports competitions? Not much if we’re being honest.

2022 World Senior Championship

Here are six of the most exciting competitions we hope to see again at the 2022 World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

86 kg David Taylor of the United States of America vs. Hassan Yazdani of the International Republican Institute

Let’s get it right. This is the most anticipated match of the tournament. Two champion candidates are vying for the team title.

And while yes, the lack of Russia and Belarus removes more than a few excellent individual rivalries, it actually enhances the competition between Team USA and Iran. Both teams will closely monitor the performance of the other team, no place more than 86 kg.

Brief summary of Magic Man vs Yazdani the Greatest game:

Round 1: 2017 World Cup – David Taylor came from behind and pins Hassan Yazdani.

Round Two: World Championship 2018 – David comes from behind to defeat Yazdani 11-6.

Round 3: Tokyo 2020 Olympics – David comes from behind to defeat Yazdani 4-3.

Round 4: World Championship 2021 – Yazdani beat David 6-2.

One can elicit a trend from this lead in scores and assume that Yazdani has outdone David and is now favored to win if they meet again. I mean, I wouldn’t do that extrapolation, but one could.

The best assumption in my humble opinion is that Taylor and Yazdani are two sports legends still at the top of their game, and if we see them wrestle in Belgrade, the real winners will be the fans. Fingers crossed for round 5!

Hear David Taylor’s own thoughts on the rivalry after his epic win in Tokyo:

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125 kg Taha Akjol, TUR vs Geno Petriashvili, GEO

This is one of the greatest heavyweight competitions of all time, and perhaps one of the greatest competitions of any weight class of all time – by the way, who wants to take on this project? It’s up to you to catch it, so go for it!

The series is absolutely favored by Taha Akgül (I have the count at 7-3 but could miss a match or two), however Gino Petriashvili has been more consistent lately in the World Championships where he was the winner in 2017 and 2019.

Where Taha was better at the European Championships and European Games, winning every match against his Georgian opponent, except for the opening round of Euro 2016.

The number of medals for both is ridiculous, Petriyashvili has 9 euro medals, 2 gold; 6 world medals, 3 golds; And two Olympic medals. Akjol has 9 euro medals, all gold; 6 world medals, 2 gold; And 2 Olympic medals 1 gold. silly.

Iran’s Zari will have his say, as will Hayden Zelmer, but chances are we’ll see these two giants battle it out for another medal in Belgrade.

Watch the last battle between these two giants from the 2022 Euro Championships in March:

74 kg Kyle Dyke, USA vs Frank Chamisso, Cube FC

Although they have only met twice, with Kyle Dake winning both competitions, this rivalry has intensified due to the healthy amount of hype that fueled the first match on FloWrestling’s pro card in the summer of 2020. Dake, or ‘the blonde’ as he referred to To him, Frank Chamizo, he took the title in a 4-3 tactical match.

Ducky won match two in the bronze medal match at the Tokyo Olympics, and the Italian was denied Cuba a second Olympic medal, something I’m sure Frank would consider heading to Belgrade.

We would be remiss if we did not mention that the medal odds for both wrestlers are boosted by the absence of Kadimagomedov and Sidakov. This applies to the rest of the arc as well.

It is also worth noting that Chamizu will also be looking for revenge against Slovak Timuraz Salkazanov via the Russian Republic of North Ossetia, who defeated Frank in the finals of Euro 2022 and European Championship 2021. Meanwhile, he defeated Dyke Big Salk in Oslo in the 2021 World Cup.

Watch the match from this historic event:

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79 kg Jordan Burrows, USA – Bekzod Abdurahmanov, Uzbekistan

Jordan Burrows is 3-1 against Pekzod Abdurahmanov, Uzbek via Clarion University, however, that loss was one of the most influential matches in American wrestling history, coming on the heels of the 2016 Rio Olympics, after losing 4-3 Against Russia’s Giduev in the quarter-finals, on a double dose of heartbreak as Beckzod lost 11-1 in the first round of replay, giving Burrows the only technical loss of his senior career and eliminating him from a medal dispute. This was the only Olympic or World Championship in which Burrows participated and failed to take the medal.

Burroughs previously beat Beczod at the German Grand Prix a little over a month ago, and he will avenge Abdurrahmanov at the 2017 World Championships as well as Kolov 2019.

Although they are true professionals in every sense and have been competing in the sport for a long time (Pickzod finished third in the 2012 NCAAs, a year after Burrows won his second NCAA title and Hodge Cup), there would be no love lost on the carpet if he faced These two people.

Watch the 2019 Finals Dan Koloff:

65 kg Haji Aliyev, AZE vs. Ismail Musukayev, Hun

They’ve met twice recently, in both cases it was Ishmael Musokayev (or Ishmael Musukayev if you’re spelling his name in Hungarian), and he was up front. Musukayev secured a 7-6 victory in the 2020 Singles World Cup semi-finals, but gave Haji Aliyev a 12-1 technical downfall in the Euro 2022 finals last March.

Both Musukayev and Aliyev are veterans who have competed at the elite level for nearly a decade each (Ismail has been a Junior World Silver Medal from 2013, and Haji has been a Euro Silver Medal since 2011). 65kg is also probably the deepest weight in wrestling, and there are going to be high level entertaining matches everywhere you look in brackets. So, while you can’t go wrong with watching any of the 65kg fits, the Aliev-Musukaev tilt would be a special extra treat.

Watch the 2022 Gold Medal Match:

Stefan Micic, SRB vs. Solomon Attlee, TOR

It might not be the first rivalry you think of when it comes to international wrestling, but the two met three times between 2019 and 2020. Recently Michigan graduate Stefan Micic won the first round, defeating Solomon Attlee 6-5 in the 2019 quarter-finals of the Euro Games. . Micic would eventually finish second while Attlee took the bronze.

Round two and three went to Turk, who beat Stefan 5-4 in the 2019 World Championship quarter-finals, and then again 7-5 in the round of 16 at the European Championships 2020. Both qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, but neither of them climbed to the podium.

We’ll have to see if Micic and Atli both wrestle at 61kg, which is something we expect but obviously can’t guarantee before we know if we have the fourth round. they will be.

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