The Levitt Center for Alliances, an HMA initiative, drives collaboration and solutions

Lansing, Michigan.And the November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health Management Associates (HMA) today launched the Leavitt Center for Alliances, the HMA’s initiative, which aims to elevate the national discourse on healthcare and help healthcare organizations solve their most complex challenges through consensus-based alliances.

The Levitt Alliance Center (Levitt Center) It is home to expert meeting organizers who have decades of experience in the private sector and government. They have spent years fine-tuning the process of building successful coalitions that bring multi-sectoral stakeholders to the negotiating table with a commitment to reaching consensus solutions in the real world. Governor Governor Mike Levitt He served as the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Rich McQueenHe served as Chief of Staff at HHS. The two founded Leavitt Partners, where they developed the science of alliance building. their book Finding allies and building alliances He identified eight elements critical to successful alliances, providing a framework for action and the resources that now serve as the foundation for the Levitt Center.

“Now more than ever, alliances offer a proven way forward, that transcends the divisiveness, partisanship and uncivilized rhetoric that often stagnates momentum toward tangible progress,” said Leavitt, HMA Chairman and Chairman of Leavitt Partners. “Our approach to consensus-based multi-sectoral alliances, rooted in collaboration, has continually helped organizations identify and develop solutions to some of their most complex issues. It is a roadmap for bridging divisions and achieving results.”

The Leavitt Center guides stakeholders through each step of the process to form alliances, develop consensus within those alliances, and then put a strategic plan into action that drives results. Expertly forged alliances solve difficult problems that are difficult for individual organizations to tackle on their own, draw on shared resources and expertise, and provide “strength in numbers.”

“The expertise of our colleagues at the Levitt Center when it comes to both the art and science of creating and deploying alliances to develop innovative solutions is unparalleled,” he said. Jay RosenFounder, President and Co-Chairman of HMA. “I see great potential to combine this knowledge with our experts on the ground throughout HMA to extend this coalition approach beyond the federal landscape to communities across the country.”

Leavitt Center experts have helped more than 50 coalitions achieve impactful results, including the Dual Qualifier Coalition founded in 2017 to develop actionable, long-term policy and program solutions to improve care delivery and outcomes for the dual eligible population. Other alliances include the CARIN Alliance, which focuses on improving access to digital health information, the Drug Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA), and the COVID Patient Recovery Alliance. Other examples of alliances can be found in action over here. Currently, Leavitt Center experts are drawing on their work in the alliance in the past decade to share ideas for a new book, due for release in 2023.

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