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In an interview with ETCIO, P Saravanan, Vice President Zipper engineering, oracle of indiaWe shared the rationale behind the launch of MySQL Heat wave.

Q1- What has been the journey so far with HeatWave in terms of customer response in India?

Since the public announcement of the launch of MySQL HeatWave, many customers have begun to openly reach out to us to evaluate the cloud service. Whether it’s a startup or an established organization, every organization has MySQL as part of their core technology suite. However, managing huge data volumes with MySQL alone becomes complicated. Thus, customers see MySQL HeatWave as an effective tool for them to reduce the overall complexity of big data analytics, ETL and MLOps. I will draw a simple analogy for the sake of understanding – two decades ago, we used different devices for different purposes. However, with the advent of the smartphone, it has revolutionized the overall landscape of technology consumption. Likewise, MySQL HeatWave is the enterprise smartphone that comes with a diverse and dynamic set of built-in features such as AutoML, HeatWave, analytics and security tools. All these features are combined into a single cloud service that promises to deliver the best results to customers. More and more customers are reaching out to us asking how they can activate the service in an AWS environment. So, we are seeing huge pull of service in India by far.

Q2- What are some of the benefits Indian customers will experience with this latest launch?

By bringing MySQL HeatWave to the AWS cloud, Oracle aims to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying the service. We reduce the additional overhead as well as the exit cost of moving data from one source to another. Equipped with built-in security tools, MySQL HeatWave cloud service also eliminates the cost of implementing security algorithms on top of the database. Oracle MySQL HeatWave It is a comprehensive and cost-effective cloud solution that also increases the operational efficiency of businesses by integrating multiple services into a single cloud platform, thus simplifying the deployment and management process. These are some of the key benefits that customers will be able to enjoy by adopting the latest Oracle cloud service.

Q3- What are some of the biggest concerns customers share with you and how do you deal with them?

Customers need freedom of choice. They want to be able to choose the right supermeter for their application that allows it to run without any dependency. Customers have become aware of the variety of superior gauges available in the market and how they can interact with each other. Thus, freedom of choice became an important component. MySQL provides this much needed independence to its clients across all cloud platforms. In addition, Oracle MySQL HeatWave service provides an integrated platform for clients with built-in multiple capabilities that can reduce deployment as well as operational complexities that customers may call while creating multiple databases on multiple cloud services. Most importantly, security comes as an inherent advantage with our unparalleled cloud service that makes our customers’ data immune to cyber threats and malicious attacks. These are the top three customer concerns that our product addresses.

Q4- What is the price-performance ratio that comes with this product?

Saravanan replied, “From a performance point of view, we have met multiple industries as well as customer standards. When it comes to industry standards like the hierarchical DPC4 standard, our cloud service comes in flying colors. Our product has been advertised as a significant upgrade over traditional environments. From a customer’s point of view, We have seen cases where customers have been able to achieve a performance improvement of 139 times by adopting Oracle MySQL HeatWave cloud service.From a pricing perspective, our product provides a unified environment for customers which always lowers price points.Thus, it is a more economical choice for customers compared to other benchmarking devices. Other conventional density available in the market.

Q5- Can you give us a quick glimpse of what else is planned about MySQL HeatWave for Indian customers?

Oracle plane to launch MySQL HeatWave cloud service across multiple cloud platforms. The product is already available on OCI Azure Interconnect in addition to AWS, and our next logical step is to bring MySQL HeatWave to Microsoft Azure. This multi-cloud availability strategy will enable customers to take advantage of our services regardless of which cloud/super platform(s) they have deployed. In addition, customers will not have to make any changes to their tokens while taking advantage of MySQL HeatWave across multiple platforms.

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