The return of Draymond Green’s Warriors is player-defined

The Golden State Warriors We weren’t trying to be an off-season story, but here they are. It’s been less than a week since then Draymond Green punches Jordan Bowl During one practice and Dubs — who lifted a trophy just four months ago — has been the talk of the NBA ever since.

It is still not clear how the situation will be resolved. Green has not been with the team since, but has expressed a desire to play on opening night, which would allow him to take part in his fourth gig. The Warriors are limited in how much they can fine, but they can suspend him to start the season…or continue with that initial match.

But it seems that this decision will not come from the front office or from Steve Kerr, and it will come more from the players. On Tuesday, a new episode of Post Lowe The podcast was launched, with ESPN’s Zach Lowe speaking with fellow co-star Kendra Andrews, and ESPN Andscape’s Mark Spears. Lowe is as engrossed and connected as any analyst, and Andrews and Spears are Warriors insiders.

Naturally, they had a lot to say about the situation, and the biggest news seems to be that the decision on when to bring Green back will rest with the players.

“Kevon Looney spoke up after the pre-season game where Jordan Paul had amazingly played, and was very vocal about how Draymond needs to regain the confidence of the team going forward,” said Lowe. “He’s away from the team. I don’t really know if that’s a suspension or not, and if it counts like that until he misses a real game. But he’s away from the team, and my understanding is he’s going to be away from the team until the players decide it’s time for him back” .

Later on the podcast, Andrews confirmed Lowe’s statement, saying, “Warriors really take [Jordan Poole’s] They lead in the way they want to handle this… and Jordan is on top of that.”

Lowe responded to this by adding, “We don’t know what that means – will there be a vote, will there be a leadership council – but I was told emphatically that this wouldn’t be a front office and run by a decision coach.”

Hopefully, reports like this don’t put too much pressure on Paul, who clearly needs to move on from the crash at whatever pace is right for him. But so far he seems to be fine.

Andrews noted, before turning to his following behavior: “He was nothing but a rebellious and professional during this time.” Sunday pre-season game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “It was the same old Jordan. If the video hadn’t been leaked, and it wasn’t magnetized anymore, you’d think this team would have put this in the past.”

This is encouraging!

There were a few other notable nuggets mentioned during the podcast. Spears was quick to point out that Paul’s arrogance – i.e Mention one report as an aid About the accident – it’s been around since it was drafted, and Green loves it. But he also revealed that the writing might have been on the wall for this, saying, “There seems to be a boiling point maybe between these two comers, and while it’s ugly, it’s better for this team to have it happen before this starts season through season, or during playoffs. “.

All three insiders were adamant there was no tension regarding the status of the contract, with Spears stating, “I don’t think Jordan Ball’s money has anything to do with it… Draymond has a mouth, and Jordan has a mouth.”

Spears also touched on Greene’s quote that “hurting people hurt people,” saying he’s heard about some of the serious things that Green is currently struggling with. Spears added, “The sad thing is, court is supposed to be your haven. It’s supposed to be where you leave your problems in the locker room, not bring them to court. Unfortunately, I don’t know what Jordan said, but he pressed the button. I know. Probably where Draymond came from, if you push me, you can swing… I’m not saying it was right, I just think where Draymond came from, if someone pushes you, that’s how you respond.”

Despite this, Spears said that after a few days on the team, Green was in good spirits. He noted that the four-time All-Star team was still operating at the facility, and he left before the rest of the team showed up. “He’s in a really good place, and he’s still hoping to play opening night,” Spears noted. “I think if the guys said ‘come tomorrow,’ he’d be right there with donuts, smoothies, and donuts, ready to try and fix things.”

Finally, Lowe backed off any momentum the green trade had gathered. He was quick to point out that the Warriors’ only option was to try to work through this, saying, “Would they have so much to lose if they turned Draymond Green into Jae Crowder, or De’Andre Hunter—these are just fake names people use to throw up. But yes, yes they will!” The moment Steph Curry runs a pick and roll game with player X, gets cornered, and player X has four against three from the top of the arc, and that player isn’t Draymond, you’ll appreciate how fast Draymond’s mind works, and how great his vision is. Without a position, and having someone guard Nikola Jokic in the playoffs, you’ll appreciate how amazing Draymond Green is.”

That’s why I say: he’s not wrong, guys.

So far, we wait. The Warriors will play their penultimate pre-season game on Tuesday night, exactly a week before the title defense begins.

When Green returns it will depend on the players, which seems to be the smartest way to handle this without hurting feelings or bruising. But given what Dubs went through together – and what Paul likely uses to give his fiery temperament – it looks like the best defensive player in the world will be returning to Chase Center soon.

Or, as Spears put it, “I’d be surprised if he’s not back in the fold by the end of this week.”

You can watch this episode of “The Lowe Post” over here. The Warriors clip begins at the 51:45 mark.

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