The UCLA doctor is a college athlete believer in the world of sarcasm


LOS ANGELES – “In cells, there are mitochondria, and they generate energy, so it’s like, an organelle, or a piece of a cell, and they’ve always considered, for years and years, that these organelles were fixed in the cells they were born in. It turns out that they can move between cells. And when they move between cells, they shift the metabolic processes of the cells they move into or out of.”

The music started while he was talking, because he was talking in football practicesoccer dude practices on-demand talking cells.

“We’re kind of pioneers and leaders in this field (at UCLA). So we understand how we can do it artificially, we’re trying to figure out how it happens naturally. And if we can help with that, people who have cancer, or are undergoing treatment chemotherapy, or they have another debilitating disease, we can try to help them with their energy and energy levels, and help them fight disease.”

Michael Teitel of the University of California, whose title list can tire with a writer, had just given a seminar in Singapore, had just returned from Singapore, had just praised the great Singapore Airlines, had just gotten rid of some of his travel lag, and had He just rushed out. Saturday morning to practice soccer, not just any soccer practice, but by late April, Football practice in the springwhere only inhabited hard disks.

College football’s best bets: UCLA and Oregon should light up the scoreboard

It’s not really hardcore. He became an athletic representative for the college after serving on the library committee and then tried to join the admissions committee but found it perfect, all while being director of a cancer center, professor of pathology, and other important things. He calls his sports memories “pervasive than specific”. He’s making humanity mistakenly remember at least two aspects of the first World Series he saw on TV (the Dodgers’ suffocating Oriole sweep in 1966), and it’s a little sad that the Dodgers’ most recent three titles happened in abbreviated seasons (1981, 1988, 2020), only You know 1988 wasn’t shortened. (He said, “You fixed me. Thank you”).

And he adores playing soccer, but not in the way coaches pick him up. “Oh, that’s great stuff,” he said. “This is the community. This is not separate. This is it.” And: “That should be a thousand percent here (as part of a university). This is part of life. This is part of society.”

In fact, it is something else. He’s a believer in college sports in a national landscape full of skyscrapers that’s parodied. He discovers vitality while others discover TV deals and reorganizations that suck vitality. He does all this while hailing from academia with a voice more pragmatic than a crusader.

Wait, definitely midsummer news about UCLA and Southern California abandon the Pac-12 For financial inclusion with the Big Ten, this move could eliminate debts and athletes’ sleep schedules, or at least bring it to a halt.

“I am really happy with the news,” he said via a spokesperson in late August, noting “greater resources for mental health, nutrition, academic services, career development, athletics aid, and opportunities for none.”

He doesn’t even brag the usual way about the Bruins football being 6-0, ninth and heading to No. 10 in Oregon come Saturday.

Citing a team that “plays really well and puts in a lot of hard work against strong opponents,” he added an exclamation point to that, declaring that he was “looking forward to the second half of the season.”

“Go Bruins!” He is done.

How measured, except for the exclamation point.

“So cells have two ways of generating energy. One way is to burn sugars and fats, and make ATP which is the energy currency in the cell, so ATP activates enzyme reactions, and you can use it, convert it to another form to allow the enzyme to do the reaction. And life is basically reactions. A biochemical in the cell. And that’s one form. Another form is that it takes fat or sugar and directs it to these organelles called mitochondria, and it produces about 18 times as much energy as the other method, called glycolysis, that produces energy. And so you can imagine that that function In that organelle it can corrupt cells, and we, we, corrupt the way we function and how life works for us. And so our goal is to understand how those organelles called mitochondria work, and how we can manipulate them for good.”

“It’s fun,” he concluded. “It’s a good job.”

You are now in soccer training.

“I look at the culture,” he said. “I’m looking at the kids. I’m looking at the coaches. I’m looking at how everyone reacts. I’m trying to get a sense of the spirit and the environment and the excitement. I’m looking at a little bit of technology because it’s intriguing and it’s really interesting to me, like, how does someone pick up a ball from one of the Those throwing machines? Some people have softer hands and some have harder hands to catch the ball. But it’s mostly culture. Mostly, do these kids look happy? Do they look engaged? These coaches seem to be engaged and involved. Is this healthy? “

In the zombie apocalypse of college football, TN and UCLA… are still alive?

In the midst of his busy days as a UCLA, graduate student, and other graduate student, in the 1980s, the Pac-8 became the Pac-10 and would become the Pac-12 before it became the Pac-10 again, the Pac-14 or the Pac-16 , was not one of those apprentices, studying, lurking in the playgrounds, drawing on faces. He’s made some extra money by teaching two key footballers – Flipper Anderson, who will have 267 passes from the NFL including a large group of Rams, and Terry Tomei, who will become athletics director, these days at Fresno State. He is already beginning to discover similarities between the motivation of scientists and the motivation of mathematicians. He’s already beginning to solidify his vision of school and sport reinforcing each other: “We have proof of that,” he says. “When student athletes are in season, they tend to do better. And that’s because their time management skills are at their peak…and they’re tired, I mean, they work really hard, but I think their attention is on the details, and that’s when they put in the effort. their best effort.”

He noticed how being on the high school softball team empowered his teenage daughter. Note that college athletes perform in front of audiences on the go in formative years that include crises such as “breaking up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or girlfriend.” He noticed how well college athletes turn into a field like medicine, especially once he could advise them to change their egos, as he did with the high jump.

With all that said, he’s been riding separately, quietly, sometimes on the UCLA team buses and planes feeling something maybe different from all the other riders. proves his transient suffering in Philadelphia with a A narrow loss for North Carolina At the 2022 Sweet 16 men’s basketball, or at Indianapolis with Classic National Semi-Final 2021 with Gonzaga No loser featured, or in that agonizing softball finish against Florida State at the 2018 World Championships in Oklahoma, which followed from afar and which, well, stays a bit more.

He believes that everything is for good.

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