The Warriors need to get Andrew Wiggins back into rhythm as soon as possible

San Francisco – Andrew Wiggins Scored 36 points in 34 minutes the last time, before Saturday, he appeared in the NBA Game. Came in a blast missiles In early December. He made 14 of his nineteen shots. Eight of those brands were 3s.

This shooting barrage catapulted Wiggins to a career-best 45 percent of 3 on a career-high 6.8 tries per game. He has turned into one of the most accurate high-volume shooters in the league, paired with his improved rebounding and irreplaceable perimeter defense. Trampolining in the off-season, he’s never been more productive or seemed more in control of his skill set. A second consecutive All-Star appearance looked likely.

“Amazing,” Wiggins said. “I felt like I was in a great rhythm. I felt like my shots were… like every shot felt like it was going to go in.”

Wiggins, who was still jammed, delivered that quote with a touch of nostalgia in his voice, longing to take that moment back in time. After the two missiles exploded on December 3, Wiggins visited the training staff. He felt something small on the inside of his right leg.

“I just thought it was tight,” he said. “That was it. I thought maybe it would be a few matches.”

After a few days, prolonged soreness and additional tests, Wiggins was diagnosed with adductor stress. This is associated with a longer absence. Rick Ciberini warned. They played slow in his return to guard against aggravation. He was lined up to return at Christmas vs grizzly After 10 matches from the squad.

“I got sick,” Wiggins said. “Everyone in my house got sick. When I was about to come back. It was a pity.”

The illness arrived at a completely inconvenient time as Wiggins was trying to get his legs and lungs back to normal NBA condition. He is a player known for his durability, possessing a quick flick speed and a lateral bounce that lasts for 40 minutes a night, if necessary. Illness set him back five more games. He would miss 15 in total, the longest consecutive period he missed a game in his career. Wiggins had not missed more than 11 games in any previous season.

“It’s not fun,” Wiggins said. “It’s not fun.”

painful to the Warriors, also. Wiggins became their second or third most important player, and they have been without him for 42 percent of their first 40 games. I felt his absence. His comeback finally came against Charm Saturday evening. But he was nowhere near the same version of Wiggins the world last saw. Not close at all.

“I was getting a little rusty outside trying to get my feet right, to get back into a rhythm,” Wiggins said. “But I know it will take some time.”

The Magic outscored the Warriors in a 115-101 home loss. It’s the second in a row after a 5-0 home run. They are a combined 0-4 against Orlando W Detroit 500 This season: 20-20.

There were several reasons for Saturday night’s stumbling block. Clay Thompson She felt pain in her left knee before the match and was pulled from the squad moments before the tip. Steve Curry he is still outside. Jordan Paul He was ineffective 5 of 17 with four more turnovers. The Warriors couldn’t beat anyone from the dribble and settled for 58 3-second attempts, allowing the taller and smaller wizard to crush them into the paint.

But some of these problems could have been negated if Wiggins had been full of speed. It hasn’t been a month from hell yet. Wiggins only played 19 minutes. He had four quiet minutes to open the game before coming back early in the second quarter.

Here are some films from that second period. Wiggins throws a slow entry pass that is easily intercepted.

This is the next possession. Paul on the bench. Wiggins is on the ground with the second unit. He is the best maker, so they give him the ball to attack Franz Wagner in isolation.

The easiest way to tell a scorer he’s out of tune is if he’s having trouble holding onto the basketball while making simple moves. Wiggins initially loses the ball in a right-to-left cross through his legs. He trails her and prepares to move step by step into traffic, but pulls away from her. You can tell his frustration palpable as he trots back.

Wiggins was given the primary defensive assignment at Paolo Panchero, the rookie linebacker who has now beaten the Warriors by 22 and 25 points in his first two games against the franchise. Wiggins will emerge as a tough defender to take on Banchero. But this was asynchronous Wiggins.

“It just felt a little slow,” Wiggins admitted. “Just one slow step.”

Watch him on those two defensive possessions to open up the second half. He doesn’t react quickly enough to Banshiro cutting behind the back door, giving him a position early and misses at the end. Then, on the second clip, the road closes very slowly and late and rains Banchero by a 3.

Andre Iguodala He made his season debut with the Warriors, showing some rust in a quiet 12 minutes. But Iguodala isn’t a crucial rotation piece for warriors to regain their rival status. Wiggins is. They require 35 minutes on a nearly every night basis of stifling perimeter defense, knockout shooting, secondary playmaking, and even some midrange jumpers—the same one you saw on the biggest stage in the sport in June and most recently in December.

“I don’t think it’s going to take long,” Wiggins said. “Hopefully, I’ll be back (for her) next game, right?”

That’s a bit ambitious. But they will need it relatively soon.

(Photo by Paolo Panchero diving over Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green: Jeff Chew/Associated Press)

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