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Fire and blood! The words of the famous House of Targaryen. Apart from Starks Winterfell, Targaryens It is perhaps one of the most famous breeds in all of fiction. Fans of the series are known for their dragons and their distinctive features, but can’t help but listen to the next part regarding Targaryen’s legacy in HBO’s Dragon House.

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Those who are not familiar with the show’s background should know that the series is based on the second half of George RR Martin the book: Fire and blood. Set in the heyday of a Targaryen, the show attempts to recreate the Targaryen’s Civil War saga soaked in Westeros With countless deaths, destruction and the ultimate extinction of the dragon. So far, the series is promising but there is a lot more to reveal and to expand on the story.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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6 dragons

Fully adult dragons appeared in the later seasons of Game of thrones captivate viewers. Dragon House Targaryen dragons are shown in their prime with various dragon riders and riders. The show has already shown several dragons, Including Syrax and Seasmoke, but there’s still more.

The dragon dance He saw the Targaryen Knights descend upon each other with their dragons in aerial combat. To really see it in action and in full glory is a visual delight for many fans will look forward to. With the show already looking visually stunning, there’s no doubt that the creators will unveil the dragons as the series progresses.

5 Green and black factions

In the heart and drama A song about snow and fire is politics. Show like Dragon House It would be incomplete without all the political maneuvers, intrigues and betrayals. As Westeros prepares to be swallowed up (again) by war, there will already be a scramble to show all the houses involved declared to both sides.

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With so many parties and interests involved, many houses may be overlooked or even overlooked to focus on the narrative. However, the true fansASOIAF We have a lot to look forward to as the political drama unfolds.

4 Many Loves Daemon Targaryen

All ASOIAF An era that has a lady man or a heart (sometimes several). in Dragon House-This is Satan Targaryen. Although the devil Married series begins And with a charming mistress, it certainly does not end there. As the series progresses, the man will have three marriages and multiple romantic entanglements all over the world dragon dance Civil War, and while audiences can enjoy all the political action and bloodshed, a little real romance on the side would be a nice change of pace.

In many ways, Daemon is a bit of a hybrid between Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow, exhibiting adventurous boldness, and a hot temper while being reckless and temperamental. No doubt, fans would view Daemon’s career with great interest.

3 mushroom

Once again, a charismatic elf will enter the world of Westeros and charming characters and fellow audience members alike. Despite not having Tyrion Lannister, Mushroom is a great character on his own because not only does he have Moxy, but he is privy to many important moments that happen during the Civil War (or so he claims).

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He was a court jester who saw four Targaryen kings taking the throne, and Mushroom is believed to be Very fond of Rhaenyra He was very acquainted with everything that happened in court. It’s better to remember it for mushroom certificate, detailing the graphic experiments, intrigues, and other debauchery that took place behind the walls of the Red Keep. Hopefully, his character will get a lot of attention as he basically has the fiery and stubborn intelligence that Tyrion displays minus all the big shocks.

2 wolf clock

Perhaps the only time Stark went south and came back alive, the Hour of the Wolf was a period during the end of the Civil War when Stark under Kerrigan Stark finally arrived at King’s Landing.

In true Ned Stark fashion, Kerrigan Stark brought justice to those who poisoned the previous king, Aegon II, by intimidating young Aegon III into making him the king’s hand. Kerrigan captured 22 men believed to be behind Aegon II’s death and executed 2 of them while taking the remaining 19 blacks. With his work done quickly, Kerrigan resigned the next day and returned north, with a new queen by his side as well. Although the Starks family did not play a major role during dragon dancewolf hour introduced definition and A wonderful moment for the Starks family And one where they came out on top.

1 Rudy ruin

Also known as Roderick Dustin, Rudy was the president of House Dustin and Lord of Barrowtown during dragon dance. While House Dustin didn’t get much attention Game of thronesdefinitely should be in Dragon House. Rudy appears in the Civil War before the other Northerners respond to their combat call (most Northerners supported Rhinera).

Lord Roderick and his 2,000 men, called the Winter Wolves, first appeared at the Battle of the Lakeshore and charged the Greens, who were mostly made up of Lannisters and Westermans. Completely disregarding their own safety, the Winter Wolves along with other allies from the North and River devastated the Lannister host but lost two-thirds of their numbers. More interestingly, Roddy the Ruin, later at the First Battle of Tumbleton, led a suicide attack against the Hightower Army. Although his arm was cut off by Bryndon Hightower, he was able to kill both Bryndon and Ormund, effectively reducing the influence of the Hightowers for generations to come.

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