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TOm Hardy is now a martial arts champion. The 45-year-old actor quietly participated in the 2022 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open in Milton Keynes on Saturday, defeating all of his opponents and Victorious returned home. Even better, one of his competitors told the media that Hardy was “probably one of the toughest competitors I’ve ever faced”.

This, make no mistake, is how you do it. Hardy’s appearance in jiu-jitsu is absolutely perfect. Think of all the ways this could have gone wrong. Hardy could have tried to monetize his hobby, by producing a documentary series on BBC Three titled Tom Hardy: Combat Journey. He could spark competition on social media, flood the venue with fans and make the entire tournament revolve around him. He could seek sponsorship, arriving in a gi tagged with Coca-Cola or Chicken Tonight slogans.

but not. He quietly went to a high school gymnasium on Saturday morning, without drawing unnecessary attention to himself, and went about kicking everyone to bits. And that, you suspect, is what Hardy will like to people more than anything else. Not necessarily that he won, although the fact that he did would only help cement his hard-line credentials, but the sheer mundaneness of the event. This is Bane we’re talking about. It is poison. Hardy flew on the Spitfire for Christopher Nolan, but here he is going all the way to Milton Keynes only to win a degree.

British artist Thomas Hozigo (center) with American actor Brad Pitt (right) and Australian musician Nick Cave before the opening of their exhibition at the Sarah Helden Museum of Art in Tampere, Finland.
Brad Pitt with Thomas Hozigo and Nick Cave at the opening of their exhibition in Finland. Photo: Jussi Koivunen / Sara Hilden Art Museum / AFP / Getty Images

The same goes for Brad Pitt who, without drawing attention to himself, Unveiled a new side career as a sculptor this week. Once again, he could have done it with a documentary or a star-studded exhibition in the heart of Hollywood. However, he chose instead to make his debut at a Finnish art gallery, 110 miles north of Helsinki. And like Hardy, he seems to be so good at what he does that Jonathan Jones calls him “A very cool artist”.

What’s so refreshing is that in a world where every imaginable celebrity is desperate to pique their interest in a massive Goop, Hardy and Pete seem to be doing it just for their love. They took themselves away and focused on getting really good at something you didn’t expect from them.

Intelligently, they both chose something relatively close to the job to focus on, relying on physical prowess or creative expression. This is important because when stars diversify away from their brands, they may never fully recover. It’s hard to associate 1970s sex god Rod Stewart with the railroad enthusiast model he has become, for example, and it takes a lot of mental exercise to come to terms with the fact that Mike Tyson is also one Secret Pigeon Breeder.

In short, the potential for ridicule is always there. Actor Jim Broadbent, for example, may have regretted his decision to announce his hobbies in 2015. That’s because his hobby involves Wood carving of life size humansThen dress it up and dress it up with a wig. Individually, the statues are all distinctive and impressive. But when he stood in front of them all for a photograph, it sounded somewhat similar to every bad dream you had in your life.

Clooney in 2015 at the launch of Cindy Crawford's book, Metamorphosis, and his book Casamigos Tequila.
Clooney in 2015 at the launch of Cindy Crawford’s book, Metamorphosis, and his book Casamigos Tequila. Photography: Richard Young/Rex/Shutterstock

But this is still better than the alternative, which may be to embark on a very noisy pastime, as a means to an end. You see stars doing it all the time, and it’s almost as if the hobby was chosen at random, just for its return on investment. Anyone can slap their name on a product for money, and the influx of popular liquor brands, book clubs, and beauty products into the market seems to suggest that most people do.

Interestingly enough, both Pete and Hardy have been burned with this before. In 2013, Tom Hardy made a documentary – poaching wars – This was apparently motivated by his love for animals, but he lacks any real authority, and Brad Pitt was recently sued after a rant After Katrina “I’m an architect now!” The advertisement led to New Orleans residents living in defective homes.

So this is probably the best way forward. If you’re a concerned celebrity, be as calm as possible. Showcase your work in the deepest Finland. Go to the gym in Milton Keynes. if Brad Pitt And Tom Hardy are any indication, this is the best possible way to stay famous.

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