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This Mavericks season is equal parts complex and straightforward. They rank near the top in several major categories, which is the source of any success they’ve had. But the problems that befall them at every loss repeat themselves over and over again. Every game feels like a terrifying rollercoaster.

But the Mavericks aren’t going away either. They have holes to fill, sure. Jason Kidd needs to know why an offensive talent like Christian Wood is constantly pushed to the bench. But thanks to Luka Doncic and the shooting around him, the team can be competitive in any match.

Here’s how much land you can watch in this week’s Mavericks Power Rankings.

the athlete

Ranking: 7 (Tier 3: Qualifying Teams)

Last week: 10

What are they grateful for? Spencer Dinwiddie shoe filling Galen Bronson To the fullest. There are plenty of reasons to wonder if a Dallas Mavericks They made the right call when they traded Dinwiddie and Davis Bertan before the trade deadline. I am definitely not sold on the go. Once Bronson left for Madison Square Garden, pressure increased on Dinwiddie to fill Bronson’s vacated role as a sidekick. Luka Donjic. Dinwiddie has been the Mavs’ second-leading scorer so far this season, and he’s been shining the spotlight.


Rank: 6

Last week: 7

Two weeks ago, the Mavs ranked first in offensive efficiency, having scored 117.5 points per 100 possessions over their first eight games. Over the past two weeks, Mavs 25 offensive, having scored 108.3 per 100 over the last eight matches. And that’s with four of those last eight games against teams – Orlando, Houston and Denver (x2) – ranking in the bottom six defensively. The Mavs were without Luka Doncic against the Rockets on Wednesday and had a massive offensive night — 33 triple-double points by Doncic, 28 on 11-for-16 shooting by Christian Wood — in the first of two straight games against the Nuggets.

But they came up empty rematchThey scored just 97 points on 95 possessions, including just four on their last 10 possessions in a game they lost by one. With his lack of a buzzer, Doncic is 0-for-4 on shots to tie or take the lead in the final minute of the fourth quarter or overtime this season (and 16-for-43 in his career).

Everyone in the Mavs cycle but Tim Hardaway Jr. has shot worse the past two weeks than they did during Week 3, and it probably would have been impossible for Hardaway to have shot worse than he did early on. He still has Fourth worst effective field goal percentage (42.0%) Of the 184 players who have made at least 100 field goal attempts, they are still searching for his range after missing it in the last four months of last season.

If he was going to find it, he would have to do so far from the American Airlines hub. The Mavs have played 11 of their 16 home games, and will now play seven of their next 10 games (and 18 of their next 29) on the road, where they are currently only 1-4.

Ovarian report

Rank: 6

Last week: 11

We got a closer look at the Dallas Mavericks’ Don Luka Doncic on Wednesday night. And it probably worked out as I expected.

Chase against Victor Wimpanyama Houston RocketsDallas lost and never had a single starter get double digits. Spencer Dinwiddie, ostensibly as Luca, had 10 assists but went 3 of 18 from the field and was minus 10.

Any team can look tough without their MVP, but it’s even more so for the Mavericks, who may need more ball handling even when Dončić is available.

Now, Luca is offline Lead The league in time of possession and average seconds per touch (both by very large margins).


Rank: 13

Last week: 10

Dallas tends to underestimate depleted teams. The Mavs managed to lose to the Pelicans with no Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram Orlando Magic Without Paolo Panchero, the Wizards without Bradley Bell And the Christaps PorzingisThe Nuggets without Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray Aaron Gordon. Dallas is also 0-4 when Luka Doncic doesn’t score 30 points – including losing to the Rockets, who sat to rest. – McMahon

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