WATCH: TESTAMENT Plays Premiere With Seven Spires Drummer Chris Duvas

certificate She played her first show with a backup drummer Chris Duvas (Seven Spears) last Friday (September 9) at Van Buren in Phoenix, Arizona. Duvas sitting behind the kit for certificate On the first six dates of summer/autumn Bay Strike Back Tour. It fills up regularly certificate drummer Dave LombardoUnable to make gigs due to scheduling conflicts with bad behavior.

Last Tuesday (6 September), certificate guitar player Eric Peterson Share a picture from him, Duvas And the certificate Guitar player Steve DiGiorgioand contained the following message: “Yo! Chillin with Stevie D And the Chris Duvas After rehearsals today! by the way, Mr. Lombardo You will play casually with bad behavior Day 17 and join us in St. Petersburg Florida until then we’re in good hands Mr. Duvas I think people will be surprised! See you all soon! “

stay certificate appears with Duvas On the drums:

Sept 12 – Wichita, KS – Cotellion
Sept 13 – Kansas City, Missouri – Truman
September 15 – St. Louis, Missouri – The Pageant
Sept 16 – Nashville, TN – Brooklyn Bowl

Bay Strike Back Tourwhich also includes fellow San Francisco Bay Area veterans displacement And the Angel of Deathon October 15 in San Jose, California.

on September 17 Lombardo And the rest of the current squad of bad behavior will address Riot Festival 2022Performing the band’s debut album “Walking Among Us” In full on the occasion of its fortieth anniversary.

Authentic member of Thrash Metal Legends the killerAnd the Lombardo The guest drummer was working certificatestudio album 1999 “the gathering”which was also the first time the group had worked with the then-rising British producer/engineer Andy Snape.

Lombardo is back certificate In February after leaving Jane Hoaglan.

in March , certificate Singer Chuck Bailey . said WSOU 89.5 FM A radio station he did not expect Lombardo Just to focus on it certificate in the coming months. “I’m not holding my breath Dave just in certificate Just but we’re going to have to kind of maneuver around what’s going on.” But then again, this is the beginning of the relationship. We may be busy enough and he may be happy enough to just work with us and it works out. So we kind of take it day by day, one round at a time. We know he’ll be with us for the next three rounds – we know that for sure – so we’ll see what happens next.”

Lombardo Tell SiriusXM‘s liquid metal it arrived at certificate The camp was the same day the group announced they were breaking up Hoglan.

“I was still asleep, and my wife just said, ‘Hello, gene just left certificateDave He remembers. And she was always telling me, ‘Man, I can’t wait for you guys to get together for this.’ ‘gathering’ Reunion.’ Because we were talking about this two and a half years ago, three years ago – Before epidemic. And so right away – I didn’t open my other eyes and was texting chuck. I said, “Man, what’s going on?” I don’t know exactly what I said in my post, but it was very simple, “Hey, what’s going on?” Call me back immediately. And I remember Tiffany [Chuck‘s wife] was on the phone; chuck Was connected on the phone. We were, like, “Hello.” It was a great moment, like, ‘Hey, here we go. This is the moment we I was waiting. “

Dave He went on to say that the timing was right for his return to certificate.

‘the gathering’ The reunion didn’t have to happen gene out, separates gene and say:genewe’ll go with Dave For a while now.’ He said “Nothing like that happened. It happened naturally. It happened at a time when my other two bands, the two bands I own, were, the master. bungle And the dead crossAnd the [Mike] baton He sings at them and tries to get healthy and stops a bit. And the suicidal tendencies He hasn’t been walking around much lately. This leaves me with a lot of small individual projects here and there that I work on in my spare time. So it felt like the right moment.

“I know it can be tricky because A.m In many different ranges, but there are 24 hours a day and I only sleep eight hours, or seven to eight hours, and that leaves me another 16 hours,” he explained. I do not take Saturdays and Sundays off. So there was no thinking.”

chuck He said he was surprised to hear it Dave quickly after certificate She made the news of her breakup with gene general.

“When it happened, it was within minutes after the announcement,” Billy He remembers. “And the Dave Doesn’t remember, but [his text message to me was] Simply ‘Lombardo? ‘ That was the text. I’m, like, ‘You’re kidding me. TiffanyAnd the Lombardo Just wrote to me,Lombardo? ”I called him right away. I said, “Hey, dude, what’s going on?” He’d say, “Dude, I heard the news.” I’m like, “Dude, I was going to call you right away, but I thought it was kind of a far-fetched jam for you because I know you’re probably too busy with all the other projects going on.” And he was saying no. I have a big opening and I would like to come back. And we talked about it ‘the gathering’, do it again. And here we are – play can become a reality ‘the gathering’ Just like we talked about.”

“the gathering” It was widely considered to be an improvement over 1997 “demonic”the album you watched Billy It used a more ring-like style of singing and was released at a time when Thrash was a certificate fell out of favor.

Hoglan Originally, the drums were played on “demonic”, but didn’t last long enough to do any tour with the band. Officially Join certificate In 2011 they played the group’s last three albums: 2012 “The Dark Roots of the Earth”2016 “Brothers of the Snake” and 2020 “The Titans of Creation”.

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