“We really couldn’t stop laughing’

The new kids in the building

The new kids in the building

Brian Babineau / Courtesy of Nokteb

The New children in the building Take a determined walk down memory lane.

During the last group night Cruise to the BahamasNKOTB’s bandmates Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyreAnd the Danny Wood and brothers Jordan And the Jonathan Knight They recreated one of their earliest photographs of the masses on board the ship.

The original black and white photo – first taken in 1986, two years before the then-teens became famous for their release. Hangin’ tough The album – Capture the headband of the little boy who wears their name-pressed shirts, crisp white pants and their classic ’80s hairstyles.

For the updated shot, the new kids don colorful, hair-like clothes and hairstyles, and hit the matching boy pose.

Wahlberg, 53, tells People exclusively about their bounce moment: “We had so much fun getting ready and seeing it come to life.” “We really couldn’t stop laughing, which is really in the soul of the band. We all have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

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The new kids in the building

The new kids in the building

Courtesy NKOTB

“I talked to the group about recreating the old image, but it wasn’t until I learned I could make wigs into old hairstyles that we totally stick to,” said Wahlberg, who stars on CBS Friday Night. Police Drama Blue blood. “Hair really put it over. Rat tails and seeds included!”

The NKOTB’s eleventh flight – which sailed October 20-24 after being postponed in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic – lido deck night parties featured, allowing the group to get creative and nostalgic with their outfits. On the second night, areturn time” The party (a reference to the band’s song of the same name in early 2022) provided the perfect opportunity for a costume reveal.

The new kids in the building

The new kids in the building

Courtesy NKOTB

“It was a real team effort. I helped a fan make the sweaters. My hairstylist from Blue blood making wigs. No details were overlooked.”

Wahlberg says the idea to recreate their 1986 look emerged from social media, when the long-forgotten photo was posted online a few months ago.

“Fans’ initial reaction to the old photo is actually what inspired us to do this throwback look,” he says. “They were so excited to see an old photo of us, that no one had seen before, so that kind of sparked the idea of ​​recreating that photo someday.”

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As expected, the owners of Blockheads (the group’s affectionate name for loyal NKOTB fans) on board were surprised and delighted to see the cheeky boy’s nod to the start of their career.

“When we finally finished the recreation, the fans reacted with all the emotion. Joy, laughter, tears, you name it,” Walberg says. “Our fans love nostalgia as much as we do. It’s worth all the effort it takes to make this happen, when we see their reaction to it!”

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This isn’t the first time new babies have returned to their spacious basement for inspiration. In 2019, the group collaborated with members of New Edition and *NSYNC on their “Boys in the Band” video, recreating the clothing and choreography from 1998. Hangin’ tough video.

In November 2021, NKOTB and new release too Took the stage at the American Music Awards for the set “Battle of Boston,” which marked the first time the two iconic teams had performed together.

The band, both formed in Boston in the 1980s, each performed a variety of their greatest hits, which NKOTB began with singing “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” in a black dress format and a tailored dance routine.

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