What do we know about Apple’s VR headset?

According to rumors, the Apple VR headset is in active development. This headset is claimed to rival the best AR and VR headsets currently on the market.

While Apple has yet to confirm the rumors, many are anticipating the launch of this device. Some believe that it may be released as soon as 2023 to compete with the Meta Quest Pro VR headset. This device is also different from the Apple VR glasses.

If you want to know more about Apple’s VR headset, read below, where we’ll discuss everything we know so far.

Apple’s VR headset will probably be called Reality One or Reality Pro

according to BloombergSeveral trademark filings suggest that Apple may call its VR headset Reality One or Reality Pro. It is also possible that both of these names are separate forms.

Although not yet confirmed, there have been no additional brands submitted by Apple that suggest a realistic headphone. So, for now, these are the names that make the most sense.

Reality One and Reality Pro can have their own operating system

Besides the brands offered for Reality One and Reality Pro, there was also a previous brand presented for RealityOS. This means that Apple’s VR headset will likely have a dedicated operating system — similar to watchOS for the Apple Watch and tvOS for the Apple TV.

Although we don’t know much about RealityOS, it’s possible that the device will come with an M2 chip installed – the same chip as on the MacBook Air redesign. This means that the device should be able to handle advanced software without breaking a sweat.

The Apple VR headset will be expensive at first

According to a technical analyst Ming Chi KuoThe potential price of the Apple Reality One and Reality Pro headphones is around $2000. This is more expensive than other VR headsets on the market, leading people to speculate that this device has advanced features.

Although other VR headsets like Meta Quest 2 is getting more expensiveApple Reality One and Reality Pro will be more expensive.

Ming-Chi Kuo is also a technology analyst who leaked that the initial release date could be January 2023. However, remember that Apple has not shared any details about this device or its release date, so it is very likely that it will come much later.

If it comes out in January 2023, it is likely that this device will be available for a limited market, or there will only be a small number for sale.

Apple’s VR headset may have Apple Watch integration

Besides the trademarks filed by Apple, there are also patents for how the Apple Reality One and Reality Pro headphones work. according to Obviously the appleApple has received a patent relating to wearable devices and integration with a VR headset.

Therefore, the Apple VR headset can integrate with the Apple Watch to sense arm movement. It could also mean that Apple plans to release another wearable, such as a glove, alongside the new VR headset.

When can you buy an Apple VR headset?

As mentioned earlier, Apple hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors or shared any details about its VR headset, so you should take everything we’ve said with caution. At this point, we can do nothing more than speculate.

In the development phase, things can change, which is likely why Apple doesn’t announce anything until the device is nearly ready for the market. Remember that the company also tends to schedule a big event for a big product release like this, and we don’t have such an event in sight.

While some of the initial predictions were in January 2023, that doesn’t seem likely at the moment. If it comes out early, the device will likely be too expensive or only available for a limited market. And if you can’t get one after that, you may need to wait a year or two before it’s more widely available at a cheaper rate.

However, this potential release is exciting for a number of reasons, and we’ll continue to provide updates to the Apple VR headset as they arrive.

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